Top 5 things that got me through30 Days of #Runningfromsugar:
1. I made the decision to do it.
2. I made a list of the exact foods I was going to avoid.
3. I set dates to reach within the 30 days and rewarded myself.
4. I established a support system.
5. I ate more carbs (like peanut butter toast and crackers)

My intention in this challenge was not to stop eating ALL sugar.  I have specific foods that I obsess over and eat in abundance.  Those are the foods that I wanted to avoid for 30 days.  I needed to get them out of my head and out of my body.  I understand that carbs turn into sugar and by eating more carbs I was giving my body the sugar it was craving.  Those foods are not my triggers and I can easily pass right by them in the store.

IT WORKED! The first two weeks were brutal.  I was cranky, sluggish, and easily irritated. I wanted to quit.  I thought the whole thing was stupid.

After the initial sugar withdrawal, I felt great!  I had more energy.  Real food tasted better.  I quit even thinking about the foods on my list to avoid.

In the end, I'm glad I did this 30 Day Challenge.  I am also glad that I opened it up on the blog and others joined.  It was comforting knowing that I had friends out there fighting the fight with me!


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