About Me

Welcome to my little piece of blogland!

Who am I?

I am Stacy.
I am in my Mid 30's.
I am a wife, a registered nurse, a 3rd degree black belt in Kenpo karate, a business owner and figure competitor.  
I love all exercise, eating candy, reading, crocheting, knitting, taking pictures and reality TV.

About the Blog

In 2009, I found myself overweight and longing to fulfill a dream.  I wanted to be a figure competitor. I found a trainer, Diana Chaloux of Hitch Fit, in May 2009, got my diet under control, lost 40lbs and started prepping in January of 2010.  I started this blog ("My Journey to Becoming a Figure Competitor") as a way of chronicling my experience of going through competition prep and stepping on stage.  I chickened out that year but the fire was lit.  I went for it again in January 2011 and stepped on stage in May 2011, almost 70lbs lighter than when I started in 2009.

After the competition, I wasn't sure what would happen with this blog, but I kept writing.  Now it's a wonderful scrapbook of my life.  I mainly write about my workouts and what I'm eating but, in general, this is a blog about my life.  

In 2013, I stepped on stage again.  This time with the guidance of Tionna Kuhnhoff.  I took 1st Place in 35+ and 2nd Place in Short at the WBFF and I took 4th Place at NPC Muscle Mayhem.

The contents of this blog are my opinions and personal experiences and should never be taken for your personal medical advice.  

The name. KARATENURSE.  

I trained in Kenpo Karate for 11 years and earned my 3rd Degree Black Belt. It is a huge part of who I am.  Training in Kenpo gave me courage and discipline.  It gave me the confidence to set goals and reach them.  I stopped training to pursue competing but it will always be in my heart and who I am.

Being a nurse is what drives me.  It is everything that I am and always have been.  It is one of the hardest things I have ever done and one of things that I feel rewarded by every day.

Who's that guy?

The "guy" you see throughout my blog is Justin.  My favorite person. My husband.

We met in March of 1995 and married in August 1998. We have grown up together.

We have created a life that was beyond what I could have dreamed.  I really can not get enough of him.   We work together and play together.  I think he was made especially for me.

The Job

In 2003, Justin and I quit our full time jobs and started a business.  We own a group home for individuals with developmental disabilities. We have three people that live with us and require 24-hour assistance. I keep that part of my life mostly out of the blog for their privacy, but they are a huge part of our lives.  We are thankful everyday for what we are capable of doing and we do not take our lives for granted.  Being a part of the lives of the three individuals we assist is the most rewarding thing we will ever do.

The "Kids"

We have two dogs and one cat.   Justin and I LOVE our animals.  There are probably more pictures of our animals than people in my blog!

Meet Piper:
She is a Maltese/Schnauzer mix and joined our family in 2003 at only 3 months old. She is sweet and lovey and just wants to lick everyone she meets! We call her our Puppy for life!

And Sara: 
She is a Beagle/Lab mix and joined our family in 2011 at 1 year old.  She is sensitive and loving, full of energy and is a little shy around anyone that is not Justin or myself.  She might come up and lick your hand but that doesn't mean she wants you to pet her.

Then there is Brutis:
The lone cat. The boss of the animals.  He joined our family in 2002.  He likes to bully the dogs and they are both scared of him.  He will wait for the girls around corners and then swat their fannies as they run by him. He is a loving cat but only when he feels like it.

Until December 2011, we had three dogs.  We lost our Katy to cancer and diabetes.  It was the saddest day of my life. You will see a lot of her in this blog, so I felt she needed an introduction.  We sure miss her.

Who are all those people?

Justin and I both come from divorced parents, who remarried and gave us more people to love!

Here's the family!

Gosh, I sure love those people.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy a glimpse into my life through this blog!


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