Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Who Do We Think We Are

It was so fun waking up this morning, knowing I was going to hop on here and start writing a NEW POST!

It was also fun Sunday when I posted my first post in 4 years and was welcomed back in to your life.  Thank you, friends.

I’m going to slide right back in to my old format of blogging what I did the day before…what I ate. My workouts. The usual.

I started the day with a fresh, hot cup of coffee.

I’m still an early riser. Still enjoy the quiet, darkness of those early hours.

This used to be the time I laced up my running shoes or jumped in the car for a 6am cardio class.  These days, I snuggle on the couch with my coffee to read blogs and watch You Tube videos.

I started drinking exogenous ketones since we last hung out.  They help with a keto diet/lifestyle and while I’m not keto, I’m still drinking these dang ketones BECAUSE they help with my gut issues!  Remember those?  I have issues with yeasty foods and dairy.  I used to take enzymes but found these ketones do the trick. Plus they give me some energy, so I’m still drinking them and eating some carbs.

Once we got everyone up and on their way for the day, we took our two favorite girls for a walk.

Then, I popped a wig on and we headed to the gym!
When I started wearing wigs (a little over a year ago), I didn’t think I would wear one to the gym.  I am just so used to wearing them now that it feels weird NOT to wear one in public.  Plus, I LOVE having a pony tail!

Wig: Enchantress by Mane Attraction in the color Apricot; Headband: Amazon; Tank: Old Navy; Leggings: Athleta; Shoes: Brooks Adreline GTS

It felt so good to get sweaty!

Back at home, I cooked my old favorite…..

I spent the afternoon recording wig reviews.

I recorded two videos and then a new wig arrived, so I popped that on and grabbed some pictures of that one too!  I mean, I might as well get all the use out of this makeup and fake eyelashes.

Wig: Mia by Tress Allure in Mimosa HL

And just like that, it was time for our group home clients to be home and for us to go back to work.

Oh! Right before everyone arrived home, some new furniture got delivered.  When we ordered it, we decided to not pay for the extra delivery service of them putting it where we want and disposing of the packaging.  Our thinking was, it’s good for us to use our muscles and carry our own furniture, blah, blah, blah, BU#$%!T!

Who do we think we are?!

I WISH I would have thought to take pictures or, better yet video, of Justin and I strong-arming the biggest chairs in the world around tight curves and down stairs. Unwrapping, what can only be described as plastic thick enough to withstand being thrown from an airplane!  So. Many. Staples.

Let’s just say. There were two chairs and an armoire and the armoire is still in our entryway.

For dinner, I ate round food.

And it was delicious. I chased that with a gross grape popsicle from Sprouts.  We were pretty proud of ourselves with our purchase of these “healthy” summer treat and they are NOT delicious.

I spend the rest of the evening editing my wig review video.  Still not done.
Okay! I’m off to get my day started!


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