Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Can You Feel It

Ooooh can you FEEL it?

It's the First Day of School for our area!

While we don't have kids, I love seeing my Facebook fill up with kids sporting their fresh hair cuts, new shoes and back packs.  Off to conquer their new school year with nerves and a little sickness because they are not used to waking up this early yet! (remember that feeling?!)

Yesterday, we got our morning work done and then quickly got ourselves to the gym.

We had to get moving because I had a dentist appointment.

I've been wearing Invisalign for most of my adult life the past couple months. It's Round 2, actually, because I'm not mature enough to handle a retainer.  Adult teeth move FAST. Just FYI.  Should your dog eat your bottom retainer, get that sucker replaced ASAP!

Yesterday, I popped in to get molds made for my NEW retainer.

I hoping this new retainer takes care of those neck folds as well! *fingers crossed*

When I walked in to the dentist, there sat my friend, Wendy (Hi Wendy!). So, I got to catch up with her while she waited on her kids to get their teeth cleaned.  

I texted Justin to let him know what was taking me so long.

Always thinking about food, that guy!

After my dentist lobby date with Wendy, I picked Justin up and we had lunch. We were both starving!

Apparently, it was the only meal we ate yesterday! Nice and healthy too.

Not pictured, fried pickles!

I spend the afternoon and evening, working on wig stuff.  I work on the Instagram page and Facebook for my friend LeAnne's wig shop, The Beauty Nook. So, I created three (3) graphics promoting her Friday Night Live wig.  It's fun coming up with new stuff each week!

I also finished editing my wig review, which I posted to my You Tube channel today!

Wigs are so fun!  I love recording these videos but I REALLY like editing them.  I put my headphones on and disappear into the process.  I like the focus it takes to edit.

I've learned a lot about the way I talk in making these videos!  First of all, I have a sing-song way of talking, which is REALLY annoying in a video.  I take long pauses, sometimes in the middle of sentences. And I say "so" and "um" A LOT! I spend the first part of my editing CUTTING all of that out. ha!

Ok! We are off to walk the girls and get to the gym! 

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!  If your kiddos are starting school, I hope they have a fun first day.  It's basically Fall now.

So, enjoy your Pumpkin Spice latte! (I hear they are coming out even earlier this year)


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