Sunday, August 11, 2019

Holy Cow! Is it you?

You're mind is not playing tricks....

I am actually blogging.

It's been almost four (4) years since my last post!

I miss it.

It's hard to know where to start. How to catch up. Is it even necessary to "catch up" in this time of social media?  Don't we already know everything there is to know about one another?

After my last competition in 2013, I was sick of myself.  I posted SO MUCH on social media that I didn't leave myself much creative juice for my blog.  By the time the dust settled in 2015, I just didn't see how there was room for a blog when everything is all over social media ALL. THE. TIME.  I got a little private too.  I didn't want to post every meal I ate, every time I worked out, every place we visited.  I pulled on the reigns and put the blog in the barn.

I miss it.

Every year, I would renew my domain name and quickly revisit my blog.  Reading back through, reminiscing of the good ol' days of writing lengthy posts with filter-free still shots.

Remember that?  It seems funny now.

And slow.

And boring.

I miss it!

I miss writing in full sentences. 

I'm different than I was four (4) years ago. duh.

First of all, I turned 40 during that 4 years!

Here's a quick recap:
When I left you in 2015,
I was still working out pretty regularly and eating like a normal person should (most of the time).  I was feeling pretty good!  I was really in to my planner, stickers and all things colorful!  I've always had hobbies but I really cranked it up in 2015.  Because WORK was STRESSFUL....  Which is another reason I feel like I pulled away from my blog.

The level of stress didn't get much better in 2016.  
Owning a group home is hard to explain because I don't want to complain.  I have a job I love. The End.  Except that it's 24 hours, 7 days a week.  We carry the lives of three other people on our shoulders every day.  It gets heavy. There is no option to set it down.  Even when we go on vacation, they are on my mind.  So I bury myself in hobbies, searching for relief.

Except, I can never just have a HOBBY! I have to turn that hobby into some sort of job!  Before I knew it, my planner/sticker hobby turned into me buying a Silhouette machine and heat press and cranking out tshirts!

2017 brought new challenges 
with our job along with Piper getting sick following by Brutus and I got myself in deep with making tshirts and started not doing well at ANY of the things!  Especially, managing my stress.

In late 2017, we had to say good bye to Piper.  We had been managing her congestive heart failure for a year and half and her little body finally could not keep up anymore. We were heartbroken.  

A month later, January 2018
we rescued Greta from a shelter.  She was 2 1/2 years old and had been a puppy mill mama.  She brought with her trauma, sleep aggression, fear of the outdoors, fear of sunlight, fear of ANY noise (from a toot to an airplane flying overhead).  I had to sleep in our spare bedroom with her for 3 months.

THREE MONTHS, FOLKS!  I could cry thinking about how thick the exhaustion was January through March of 2018.

 I won't even dive in to everything I've been through with that girl because most of it is worked out. Time heals, people!  She's so freaking cute and sweet. I could never give up on her.

In April, we had to say goodbye to our fearless leader, Brutus.  It was past time, he had been sick. It was getting to the point where a friend came over and need to make some decisions about Brutus and his quality of life. Ugh. Bah! It's not fair!  Why can't they just all live forever!

Soon after that, we had our kitchen remodeled.  I won't even GET IN TO THAT!

It was right around this time that something else was showing up...or not showing up, actually.

My hair.

I'll go more in to this in another post. Or you can check out my You Tube channel.

Stress sucks.

Like sucks the hair right off my head!

BUT, in my time of panic for hair, I found wigs.

Did some say NEW HOBBY?!  Heeeyyyy-oooo
Once I got used to wigs, I loved them!  I finally had the hair of my dreams! I've never had great hair. Now I can! I can go from short to long and from curly to straight!  I can finally have thick, voluminous hair!

But, like any hobby I start, about 4 months in to wearing wigs, I started a You Tube channel and an Instagram account reviewing wigs!  Now companies and brands send me wigs in exchange for my review!  So basically I have a second full time job. ha!

That brings us to now
and I'm finally feeling like things have calmed down mentally and emotionally.  I worked with my doctor on managing my stress, took some supplements to support my hormones and allow my nervous system to get some relief.  Turns out you can't just push through the stress in your 40's like you did in your 20's! Who knew?!

So now!  I'm ready to get my body back to a healthy place physically.  One thing I know about myself, showing up here, and posting my food and exercise, works for me.

I am such an all or nothing person.  I need to take pictures of my food and write down my workouts and post about it.   It is what it is!

So, that's what I'm going to do!  Along with some wigs, dogs, a husband, work and of course hobbies!

One more thing
Justin and I just celebrated our 21st Wedding Anniversary!  

It feels good to be writing again, Friends!  I'm pushing post! 

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  1. Glad you're back! I always find your blog so inspiring!!