Thursday, August 15, 2019

Basically, All Carbs

Yesterday, started with a glorious walk with Sara and Greta.  It was such a pretty day in Kansas City!

Back at home, we got ourselves ready for the gym (if you are keeping track this is THREE days in a row we've gone to the gym, justsayin).

I STRUGGLED yesterday.  I could tell all I had eaten the day before was NACHOS!  I vowed to eat better'll soon see how that went.

We had planned to go straight to the grocery store after the gym but I was so sick, we went straight home.  Those walking lunges zapped all energy.

I immediately fixed some oats and eggs, which went down like a hot bowl of thick sweat!

I ate it but you better believe I picked up some cold food at the grocery store for post workouts when I feel woozy.

After my body got itself together, I packed up three (3) wigs I sold and a dress I sold through Poshmark and off we went to the store.

Back at home, we were both starving again....

Frozen pizza was the obvious answer.

The hardest part of getting back in to the swing of daily workouts, is my body starving for carbs or fat (energy).  Carbs are the easiest and fastest for me to grab but leave me feeling the worst. 

Later that evening, we watched Big Brother and I ate these chicken burgers from Costco (I think they are the kale & mozzarella).

This will get better, it's just getting through the gunk of this first week that is the hardest.

Oh, we also ate these...

So, basically. All carbs yesterday and not a veggie in sight!  Well except those flecks of kale in that chicken burger. Counts.

Can we talk about Poshmark?  Who sells through Poshmark?  I have quite a bit of stuff I want to list but it's such a pain in the ass!  What do you guys do? Do you sell your clothes?

I better get going, I have a busy day today! See you tomorrow!


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