Wednesday, August 19, 2015

30,240 Minutes

Whoa!  It’s been a couple minutes since I posted in the ol’ blog.


Like 30,240 minutes!

I seem to be on a once-a-month blogging schedule and my only excuse is we have had a fun and busy month (once again)! I feel like I said that last time I posted.  We have had something going on pretty much every weekend of the summer and it’s been a blast!


I woke up this morning, the middle of August, to a cool, crisp, chill in the air.  I love living in the Midwest and having seasons.  I love that just as kids start going back to school, and everyone has had just about enough of the heat, Mother Nature throws in a Fall-like day.

It’s like a practice day.

Kansas City has only had a hand full of weeks with super hot temps but none-the-less everyone is itching for Fall.  I love the energy that having seasons creates.  It’s almost time to change our uniform to leggings/tunics/boots again, start eating and drinking everything pumpkin, and cooking soup.

But Summer isn’t over yet, Folks!

I love Summer and the heat and humidity.  I want to hang on to the longer days of sunlight just for a bit more.


And our long walks with the girls and at the nature sanctuary.


You know by now

that when I get into something, I GET IN.  Like all the way in.  Just plug my nose and jump…get my hair wet…..let my mascara from yesterday run…all the way in.



So, I am WAY in on coloring and making cards.  But I don’t just want to make cards.  Now I want to print on t-shirts, pouches, magnets, and tea towels.  Whatever sits still for too long and has a flat surface, I want to print on it!


I was ready to buy a sublimation printer and heat press for t-shirts, then a heat press for mugs, then a button machine to make magnets.

I’m ready to turn our spare bedroom into a print factory.


I didn’t.

I have to listen to my voice of reason (Justin).  Voice-of-Reason says I haven’t sold enough cards to buy anything else.  (I’m taking applications for a Voice of Reason.)


I can get a little crazy with my “hobbies”.  So, I know it’s Justin’s job to dig his feet in and remind me that I actually have a job and I actually have to work and that these other things are actually hobbies.



I just want to color and own a heat press. (or a button machine)


Besides coloring.

There has been work.  And a lot of it.  It’s been a tougher than normal summer with work and that’s probably why I’ve been covering my feelings with a thick, comfy blanket of my hobbies.  Being a care taker for a living is not for the faint of heart or the weak.  Good thing we have big, strong hearts (and each other).


Besides work.

My sister, Vann, was a vendor at the Strawberry Swing.  I showed up to support the biz along with Chaz and Becky (and Sawyer).  If you live in Kansas City, this craft fair is super neat and worth checking out.  Also, Vann’s necklaces, headbands and key chains are also super neat and worth checking out!


My brother, Benny turned 30!  We celebrated at Top Golf.  Again, if you live in Kansas City (or any where else, there are a lot of them), this was so fun and I highly recommend checking it out.  Even if you are not a golfer. 


Our friends, Brad and Sarah, visited from San Diego.


We stayed out way past our bed time every night they were in town.


There was shuffle board.

A serious game of H.O.R.S.E.




And lots of eating and family!  We love their family.  They always welcome us right in and share their time with Brad and Sarah.


That weekend was also our….

17th Wedding Anniversary!


When we showed up at Brad’s Mom’s house for a BBQ, she had hired a professional photographer to take their family photos.  Since it was our Anniversary, she asked if we wanted to jump in and have some pictures taken as well!

How could we say no?!  I can’t remember the last time Justin and I had professional pictures taken of the two of us, so our 17th Anniversary was the perfect day to do it.

Whew, we are all caught up!

Oh, one more thing!

Justin and I started training with Elroy Carr at Full Circle Athletic Development.  We both LOVE it!  I’ll share more about that in another post.  This one is getting way too long!