Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lots of Stuff

Hi Friends!

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Yikes, it’s been a whole month.

It’s been a busy whole month over here at the Beach house.


Summer is in full swing. Hot. Sweaty. Rainy.  Kansas City is like a steam room these days.  I love it. I also don’t have to work outside or even go outside unless I choose.

Since we last talked, I decided to open my Etsy store, Strawberry Squirl, back up and sell greeting cards! (see sidebar to start shopping!)


I am also going to sell stickers of the same designs and eventually move into anything else I can find to print on!


About  a year ago, in place of crocheting, I started coloring with sharpies when I got bored and eventually had a whole pile of these little colorful pictures.


I love them so I thought about framing them to put in the house some where and then I thought what a pretty card they would make.


I would love to receive a colorful, happy card!


So, I bought some cardstock and started printing!


They are bright and cheerful.


And each one has a little positive message.


I am going back and forth between printing on glossy card stock or matte cardstock.


I did both and really like both. So that doesn’t help.

Here are some of the stickers.


I bought colorful envelopes and clear cello bags for packaging.  I felt very legit and professional when those came in!


I also don’t know what to call them.   Illustrations? Drawings? Pictures?

Whatever you call them, I am adding new ones each month to my Etsy shop, so if you don’t see something you like, keep checking back!

In other news

My SIL, Sarah, came in town.


We had Fourth of July fun at my Mom’s.  Here is my Uncle Lynnwood, Justin, James (brother) and Tom (stepdad).


Our friends Chris, Jen and girls came in town from San Francisco. Chris played at the Westport Saloon during their visit and all his friends from KC came out in support. It was a great night!


My brother, Benny, got married!


We celebrated my Mom’s birthday.


It’s been a fun and busy month filled with lots of family and friends.   That’s a pretty good way to spend out time, if you ask me!


Hope everyone is having a great summer!