Friday, June 26, 2015

Things I’m Loving Friday

Today I’m linking up with Heather over at Life in Leggings.


Things I’m Loving or Friday Favorites, however you want to say it, here are mine:

I love yogurt, fruit and granola! 

This morning it was plain greek yogurt with peaches and granola.


I love my planner! 

Which goes right along with my love of paper, markers and stickers!  I love reading blogs about planners and now watching videos where people decorate their planners. (I wish I was kidding)

I also wish I was kidding when I tell you I bought stickers from the following etsy vendors and when they arrive, I am going to kiss the mail person and decorate the crap out of my planner (even more than I already have).  It might take all day.  I might run out of stickers.  Or paper.

It’s Planning Time

The Pretty Planner

Planner Candy

The Planner Junkie Inc

Sweet Kawaii Design

Here are four of my fav blogs because I KNOW you want to get in on this with me! (click on their logo to go to their blog).  There are so many other great ones out there and I have spent  an obsceeeene about of time reading these beautiful blogs.

Ugh. There is so much creativity.  It will make your hands twitch to color something and you will, for sure, want a new full set of Sharpies before the day ends.






My Grandpa Palmer is who gave me my love for pens.  He LOVED collecting pens.

He also loved Hobby Lobby.

I remember going to Hobby Lobby with him and my Grandma and I could feel the excited energy wafting off them.  Walking in to a store like that, as a kid, where things are displayed clear to the ceiling.  There’s no going back from that feeling.

I can remember looking up with wide eyes and taking it all in with excitement.  There is just so much to see!  Then my Grandpa bought me a high-back, wicker chair with a tropical cushion, that was high on a shelf against the wall by the entrance and exit doors, and my love for that store was sealed.  I loved that darn chair.  I still had it when I moved out at 18 years old!

It’s for those same feelings that I love Bed, Bath and Beyond (and Hobby Lobby) as an adult.  There is something to be said, advertising/display people, about the emotions created when you walk in to a store with merchandise positioned high.


It makes you feel like a kid to look up and feel excited and who doesn’t want to feel like a kid or be excited?!  Those are some strong shopping emotions if I do say so myself and they get me. I’ll buy that red ladle that I have to get a sales associate, with a ladder, to get down for me. Every time.

My love of Hobby Lobby as a kid could also have been because it sounds like Holly Hobbie and I had mad love for Holly Hobbie!  Like a whole bedroom decorated with that theme and maybe a lunch box.



I also love the book I’m reading.


Man, it’s a good one.  If you are feeling like you need to establish a new routine but keep getting sucked back in to your old one, this is a good read for you!

I love Step Ups!

I did this workout on Wednesday.  Step ups totally zap my breath but they are the one exercise that shave down my hips and outer thigh.  So I love them for that.


There is also this one that was a good one.


And this one…


In conclusion…

I love yogurt parfaits.

I love my planner.

I love markers, paper and stickers.

I love to read blogs and watch videos of people decorating their planners.

I love my Grandpa.

I love Hobby Lobby.

I love Bed, Bath, Beyond.

I love stores that display their merchandise where I have to look up.

I love the book I’m reading, The Power of Habit

I love step ups.


I think I also love coffee and have had too much of it.

Happy Friday, Friends!  I hope YOUR day is full of everything and everyone YOU love!


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