Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Friends and Family


It’s finally here!


I love the month of June.  Not only is it my birthday month but Summer officially kicks off in June.  Everyone is happy as they don their summer uniform of shorts, flip flops and sunglasses. 

Days are long and and full of sunshine!

Oh man, it’s a good month.

We had a great weekend!

….but no one will ever get to see it because I didn’t take one picture!


You are just going to have to trust me, we ended in May in a big way at the Beach House.

Friday we hosted a couples night at our house.  These beauties came over and brought their men with them for some dinner and Cards Against Humanity. (<<<<have you played that yet?!)


I made Spinach, Black Bean, Corn and Cheese Enchiladas with seasoned ground beef and shredded, green-chili chicken on the side.  My thinking, in serving enchiladas this way, was that it gives everyone three options without making three pans of enchiladas.  You can have meatless or you can top your enchilada with chicken or beef or BOTH! (I chose both and it was delicious!)  Justin made cheese dip (he made standard rotel then added pepperjack cheese and sausage!) and guacamole.  Mary brought chips and seven-layer dip.  Kristin brought Sangria!

The drinks flowed as did the laughter waaaaay past all of our bed times.

I woke up Saturday with a cheese hangover and a list of things to get done before Sunday.

Family Dinner

While Friday night was filled with friends, Sunday was all about the family.

We filled our bellies with a pot-luck style lunch and celebrated birthdays with angel food cake that my Step-Mom made and peppermint chocolate cake that I made (recipe from Justin’s Stepmom Jane).

It was a beautiful day so we spent time outside with the kids.

As we wrapped up the weekend…

Justin and I felt so grateful.  We have a wonderful home that welcomes good friends for a night full of laughter and two days later it’s filled with screams and chatter from nephews and family.  Our home was full of so many people we love this weekend and I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the month of May!

What did you all do this weekend?  Is it raining where you live?


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