Friday, May 22, 2015

Take-Care-of-Stacy Week

Oh man, it’s FRIDAY! This week totally got away from me.

First of all..


We did it!  If you followed the same dates as I did, we finished on May 19th!  If you started on a different date or re-started, then KEEP GOING!  Your body will thank you!

Last Sunday

was a fun and busy day!

It started with our Girls on the Run 5k! (I’m working on a full post about our end of season festivities!)


It was crazy and fun!


And a great way to end our season!


I had just enough time to race home, change clothes and head to my nephew’s baptism.


That picture is of my two nephews with their friend in the middle after the main event.  Those boys love each other.

Immediately following the church service, we all went to my sister’s for an open house, where I did not eat one of these.  They sure were cute though!


I ran home, took a nap and then headed out to celebrate my Uncle’s birthday!


I just love him.  Always in overalls. Always in some shade of camo.  Always there for his family.


Has a belly laugh and a whistle that will scare you, embarrass you (and make you a little mad). 


And he knows it and isn’t afraid to do it in the restaurant full of people enjoying their graduation dinner! I love him!

The rest of the week…

should be labeled….”Take-Care-of-Stacy-Week”

I started with acupuncture administered by Alison Lebien of Living Balance Chiropractic and Acupuncture on Monday.


I am getting acupuncture to see if it helps my menstrual cramps and digestive system.  You guys know by now that I crawl in to a cramp cave for two days every month and I’m hoping to stop that.  I’m going to be 39 years old for crying out loud.  I’ve been dealing with this for too long.

Next up was a massage with the BEST massage therapist, Angel Reno.


The rest of the day looked like this…


Tuesday I had my annual appointment with my doctor, Nancy Russell.  I LOVE my annual visits. I always leave there with a new game plan for my health.  (Like, taking my vitamins.  Geesh, why don’t I remember?  Why do they have to be so big?!)

We talk about a lot of good things but my big health issues that she always really digs in to with me is being acidic, low Vitamin D, my endocrine system and digestive system.  (these links were not recommended by my doctor, they are just links that I found interesting when I went to do additional reading after my appointment) I leave there with a plan, that takes my blood type in to consideration. 

Evidently Justin licked some door knobs while golfing on Tuesday because he’s been sick ever since. And when Justin gets sick, I get tired.

So besides working, I’ve been reading and taking care of Justin for the past two days.  I made him this yummy soup because soup makes everyone feel better. Especially, the care taker.


It was packed with all the yummy things to encourage a speedy recovery, like chicken, celery, onion, kale, tomatoes, peas, green beans and noodles.

Now we are all caught up!

I am so proud and happy for all us that have finished the #runningfromsugar challenge and I am rooting for all of you still fighting the good fight for your health!

If you haven’t had an annual physical/lady visit with your doctor, now is the time!  It’s always good to get a clear picture of your health.

I’m off to yoga and then the chiropractor.

Seriously, this week is take-care-of-Stacy-week.  I hope you are taking care of yourself too!

Oh! One more thing! I made poached eggs with asparagus last week.


I felt very fancy.  They weren’t the pretties but they were fun to make and delicious.



  1. Looks like you've been busy!! And BIG congrats on 30 days of no sugar :)