Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday Stuff

Well Hello there, Saturday!

We have entered in to swamp season here in Kansas City.  It’s MOIST all. the. time.  So, that’s fun.  Everything is beautiful, though.  The grass is thick, the trees are super lush and Sara is in a constant state of MUDDY. (Piper is way too lady like to get her feet in the mud!)


This week’s workouts…

Monday: Full Body


Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: Short & Sweet Legs/Shoulders



I talked about THIS meal plan on Wednesday and shared some pictures of my meals.  Breakfast on Wednesday was really good and very filling.


It was plain yogurt, black berries, almonds and flax seed (milled).  It surprised me how much I liked it.  I was pretty busy Wednesday and didn’t eat again until it was time for the Girls on the Run end of season party, which we had at Jason’s Deli.  They, very generously, had given all the girls FREE kids meal coupons!

Mother’s Day!

I almost forgot to share what I bought each of our Moms for Mother’s Day!


Each one received a set of Melanie Shankle’s books: Sparkly Green Earrings, Nobody’s Cuter than You, The Antelope in the Living Room along with a pair of Nickel & Suede earrings!


I was so excited to give each one their gift with their earrings that I picked especially for them.  I just know they are going to love those books as much as I did!

And then this cardinal showed up and I snapped a couple of pictures of him before running inside to grab my big lens so I could really get a close up, but he was gone when I got back.


And let us not forget…

today is DAY #28 of:


Yes!  We are almost there!


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