Friday, May 22, 2015

Take-Care-of-Stacy Week

Oh man, it’s FRIDAY! This week totally got away from me.

First of all..


We did it!  If you followed the same dates as I did, we finished on May 19th!  If you started on a different date or re-started, then KEEP GOING!  Your body will thank you!

Last Sunday

was a fun and busy day!

It started with our Girls on the Run 5k! (I’m working on a full post about our end of season festivities!)


It was crazy and fun!


And a great way to end our season!


I had just enough time to race home, change clothes and head to my nephew’s baptism.


That picture is of my two nephews with their friend in the middle after the main event.  Those boys love each other.

Immediately following the church service, we all went to my sister’s for an open house, where I did not eat one of these.  They sure were cute though!


I ran home, took a nap and then headed out to celebrate my Uncle’s birthday!


I just love him.  Always in overalls. Always in some shade of camo.  Always there for his family.


Has a belly laugh and a whistle that will scare you, embarrass you (and make you a little mad). 


And he knows it and isn’t afraid to do it in the restaurant full of people enjoying their graduation dinner! I love him!

The rest of the week…

should be labeled….”Take-Care-of-Stacy-Week”

I started with acupuncture administered by Alison Lebien of Living Balance Chiropractic and Acupuncture on Monday.


I am getting acupuncture to see if it helps my menstrual cramps and digestive system.  You guys know by now that I crawl in to a cramp cave for two days every month and I’m hoping to stop that.  I’m going to be 39 years old for crying out loud.  I’ve been dealing with this for too long.

Next up was a massage with the BEST massage therapist, Angel Reno.


The rest of the day looked like this…


Tuesday I had my annual appointment with my doctor, Nancy Russell.  I LOVE my annual visits. I always leave there with a new game plan for my health.  (Like, taking my vitamins.  Geesh, why don’t I remember?  Why do they have to be so big?!)

We talk about a lot of good things but my big health issues that she always really digs in to with me is being acidic, low Vitamin D, my endocrine system and digestive system.  (these links were not recommended by my doctor, they are just links that I found interesting when I went to do additional reading after my appointment) I leave there with a plan, that takes my blood type in to consideration. 

Evidently Justin licked some door knobs while golfing on Tuesday because he’s been sick ever since. And when Justin gets sick, I get tired.

So besides working, I’ve been reading and taking care of Justin for the past two days.  I made him this yummy soup because soup makes everyone feel better. Especially, the care taker.


It was packed with all the yummy things to encourage a speedy recovery, like chicken, celery, onion, kale, tomatoes, peas, green beans and noodles.

Now we are all caught up!

I am so proud and happy for all us that have finished the #runningfromsugar challenge and I am rooting for all of you still fighting the good fight for your health!

If you haven’t had an annual physical/lady visit with your doctor, now is the time!  It’s always good to get a clear picture of your health.

I’m off to yoga and then the chiropractor.

Seriously, this week is take-care-of-Stacy-week.  I hope you are taking care of yourself too!

Oh! One more thing! I made poached eggs with asparagus last week.


I felt very fancy.  They weren’t the pretties but they were fun to make and delicious.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday Stuff

Well Hello there, Saturday!

We have entered in to swamp season here in Kansas City.  It’s MOIST all. the. time.  So, that’s fun.  Everything is beautiful, though.  The grass is thick, the trees are super lush and Sara is in a constant state of MUDDY. (Piper is way too lady like to get her feet in the mud!)


This week’s workouts…

Monday: Full Body


Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: Short & Sweet Legs/Shoulders



I talked about THIS meal plan on Wednesday and shared some pictures of my meals.  Breakfast on Wednesday was really good and very filling.


It was plain yogurt, black berries, almonds and flax seed (milled).  It surprised me how much I liked it.  I was pretty busy Wednesday and didn’t eat again until it was time for the Girls on the Run end of season party, which we had at Jason’s Deli.  They, very generously, had given all the girls FREE kids meal coupons!

Mother’s Day!

I almost forgot to share what I bought each of our Moms for Mother’s Day!


Each one received a set of Melanie Shankle’s books: Sparkly Green Earrings, Nobody’s Cuter than You, The Antelope in the Living Room along with a pair of Nickel & Suede earrings!


I was so excited to give each one their gift with their earrings that I picked especially for them.  I just know they are going to love those books as much as I did!

And then this cardinal showed up and I snapped a couple of pictures of him before running inside to grab my big lens so I could really get a close up, but he was gone when I got back.


And let us not forget…

today is DAY #28 of:


Yes!  We are almost there!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 25 of #runningfromsugar

Today is Day TWENTY FIVE…




That means we only have 5 more days!

How are you doing?  Did you make it past the withdrawal?  Did you cave and then restart?

Every day is a good day to restart, so if you threw in the towel on day 6, then today is YOUR Day #1!

It was ten (10) days ago that I mentioned my “over the hump” moment and it was true!  So I guess this could have been a 14 day Challenge but I needed the full month to REALLY drive it home to my brain that this was happening.

In case you missed it, this was the poster I made and hung on our refrigerator:


I think the thing that helped me the most was making a clear list of the foods I was going to avoid.  I thought the rewards were going to be the thing that helped me the most, but, nope, it was the list. So, in my head, I wasn’t abstaining from ALL sugar, just the sugary foods on my list.  Some how that seemed better.

So, as I went through the grocery store, I would say, “Well, Poptarts aren’t on my list, so I could eat those if I wanted.”  But, I didn’t WANT poptarts.  It’s funny how we can trick our own brains.  

I made it through my time of the month.  Barely.  I ended up eating a box of Cheez Its and a box of Chex cereal.  But no Poptarts.

Now that sugar is no longer in the driver’s seat, I am ready to shift my focus to cleaning up my diet.  I have not lost one pound in the past 25 days and it’s because I turned to comfort food to, what else, comfort me while I got the sugar out of my brain.  Now that I am feeling refreshed, I turned to Pinterest for motivation Sunday morning and found THIS.


Now Folks, I know what you are thinking….Good Grief, Stacy, we can NOT go through another challenge with you, but hear me out.

I have been doing this diet for three days and LOVE IT!

I didn’t take pictures of Monday’s food or blog about it because I wanted to be sure it was something I was going to stick with because honestly, when I looked at some of the meals I wasn’t sure. But, you guys know I don’t play around when it comes to food, so you have to trust me when I say that everything I have made has been DELICIOUS!

Just One Thing…

Ok, so in the description it says it’s a detox plan.  I don’t get into the whole “detox” thing as I feel like our bodies are pretty capable of detoxing themselves, but whatevs.

I drink two cups of coffee with the powder version of dairy creamer.  Don’t worry, I know how terrible this is but I have been drinking this manufactured, chemical substance since I was 16 years old, sitting in Winstead’s at 6am, drinking coffee that was 1/2 coffee, 1/2 creamer and smoking cigarettes with 15 of my closest friends.  The cigarettes are long gone. The creamer, while there is less of it, has stayed (as have most of the friends).

What I am getting at is when you read the intro to this “detox” just know that I skimmed it in lightening speed with a bibbety bobbety blah blah blah, get-to-the-recipes attitude.

So, I may substitute a chicken thigh here and there or guess at how much two (2) tablespoons is, because who has time to get out measuring spoons?!

The Recipes

You are going to read some of the recipes and think I need to go eat a Snickers and get my foggy, normal brain back, but wait until you taste it!

Breakfast was overnight oats which I have been wanting to try but wasn’t sure about the consistency.  Which, is a little hard for me but I got through them.  They tasted good.  I felt like I was eating “gunk”.  Like, if you look up the definition of Gunk – there would be a picture of overnight oats. I would eat it again.

Lunch, I made this: Kale, Fennel and Chick Pea Salad


And it was AH-MAZING! When I read the recipe, I had to do some self talk to take that first bite because I was just sure I was going to gag.  I mean…fennel (black licorice) with mint? and orange vinaigrette? with chick peas and LEFT OVER STEAMED kale?  Do I look like I’m vegan and have a pallet for this salad?

I do now. I will totally make this again!




You can find the recipe HERE.  It was a lot of food and I even gave one to Justin.

There are two snacks each day.  The first snack yesterday was a whole tomato with feta, basil and balsamic.  The evening snack was two clementines or one orange which I didn’t feel like eating.

So, if you decide to jump in, let me know! 


The first couple weeks of the sugar challenge I rode the struggle bus in circles through lazy town. Last week, however, I had some great workouts!



Tuesday: Yoga!



Thursday I nestled myself deep into the cramp cave with a box of Cheez-Its.

Friday, I crawled out of the above cave long enough to get acupuncture!   I really liked it and am going back two more times this month.  I asked the practitioner if she could go ahead and just jab one of those needles right in to my uterus.  She assured me she would try. The pain subsided for about 5 hours and then returned which I had me slinking back to bed with my heating pad and box of Chex cereal.

I was ready for this to happen she had advised that it may take several sessions to feel a change.  I have been dealing with horrible cramps since forever so it’s not just going to go away with a couple needle pokes. (she said it MUCH more professionally)

Ok, gotta go!  We are finishing up our Girls on the Run season today and I have some last minute things to do before our party!  The race is this weekend!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 15 of #runningfromsugar


Today is DAY 15 of #runningfromsugar!


I can’t believe it.

This week flew by without any issues or cravings even.  I think I am over the hump. It is also getting close to “that time of the month” and I am not having ANY cravings!

We had a super busy week with work and meetings.

That translates in to I did not go to the gym until Friday and I did not prep any food until Thursday.  I did, however, walk our dogs two days in a row. (that counts doesn’t it?)

When I did make it to the gym, it was AWESOME!


For food prep: I made all the fixings for burrito bowls: chipotle/lime brown rice, black beans, grilled chicken in a roasted tomato/garlic sauce, pico de gallo, and sautéed bell peppers and onions

It is so nice having all that prepped and in the fridge so all I have to do is chop up some romaine lettuce and put it all together.

How is everyone feeling this week?  Cravings?  Energy level?

Happy May!