Saturday, April 11, 2015

You Want to Know This Girl

Yesterday started with a super sweaty spin class led by

Lana Mortimer.


Here’s why she leads the best spin class

  • She lets the class know the range that our tension should be set, I love this because I need a goal. (not every teacher does this)
  • She lets the class know the range our RPM’s should be in, I love this because it makes me work to get to and stay in that range. (not every teacher does this either)
  • She doesn’t yell into her mic so I can actually understand what she is saying.  Listen up teachers…when you yell, it defeats the purpose of your mic and you just sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown.
  • She has an awesome play list that keeps me motivated the whole class.
  • She says “Let it Ride” after a sprint to let us know to slow it down.  Those have become my three favorite words since I am usually about to pass out!
  • I love the flow of her classes.  The amount of hills, sprints, riding seated, and standing up.  There is a good flow.
  • Also, I look like this when I am done:  red face, fuzzy hair, a lazy eye
  • IMG_1104_thumb[5]

    Here’s a little more

    Lana is a wife and a mother of two.  She is an AFAA Certified Group Instructor and NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer.  She is a coach with Team Beach Body (which means she can totally hook you up with Insanity DVD’s, because who doesn’t love Shaun T?!)  In September 2013, she was selected as “Fit Mama of the Week” by Fitness Mama.

    Her Mission

    “I love to motivate others through working out, healthy food ideas, discussion of healthy lifestyles and overall mental and physically wellness. Join this page to be part of a community that can help motivate you to become the person you are proud of!”

    So where can you find Lana?

    Class Schedule:

    Gold's Boardwalk:


    9:15am: Spin

    Liberty Community Center:


    5:40am: Bootcamp


    5:45am: PiYo Live

    Happy Rock Park:


    7:15am: Outdoor Bootcamp

    How I know Lana

    Lana and I started following each other through Instagram.  It wasn’t until after taking her spin class for the second time, that we realized we knew each other through social media.  I started paying closer attention to her posts and quickly found myself inspired.

    She is a Mom that loves fitness and more importantly…..loves to SHARE!

    Go check her out. 

    You want to know this girl!


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