Sunday, April 26, 2015

Time to Check In with #runningfromsugar

Time to check in and Link Up!

Today is Day 8 of #runningfromsugar


How I am Feeling…

The past seven (7) days have been tough.  I worked out on Monday and then not again until Friday.

I felt sluggish, tired and cranky most of the week.  I also felt hungry.  Looking back, I don’t really think I was hungry.  I think I just wanted SOMETHING.  I talked about that feeling on Day Two.  It is so real and was in it’s fully glory last week.

What I am doing…

I ate more carbs than normal.  I snacked on things like popcorn (a bowl the size of an armchair) and peanut butter crackers instead of fruit.  I pretty much ate whatever I wanted.  I was so focused on NOT eating anything on my list that I didn’t really pay attention to what was actually going in my mouth.

What I am learning…

I was focused on the What and the Why from my goal poster last week.  This week I need to focus on the How.


My goals for next week…

I need to plan my meals and stick to eating them.  I need to keep track of my water intake.  I need to get to my workouts each day no matter how I am feeling. 

Now it’s your turn!

If you have a blog, let’s link up!  If you don’t, leave a comment:

  • How are feeling?
  • What are you doing to get through the headaches and crankiness of sugar withdrawal?
  • What are you learning about yourself?
  • What are your goals for next week?


  1. Someone told me research has found that sugar withdraw in the brain is that similar to opium withdraw...where is the methadone to hep get me through this 😳JK. Guess my body is still mad I am not giving it what it wants...feeling like Stacy describes. Drinking water, eating peanut butter or almonds, weighed myself to keep encouraging myself and trying to keep busy. This week I also need to work on making better food choices

    1. I have a feeling this week is going to be great!

  2. Stacy, I think we might be "twins"!!! I ate way more carbs than I normally do this past week. Popcorn was my go-to snack but I also ate bread for breakfast Saturday and Sunday (something I was able to avoid the entire week). I felt I "deserved" some bread as I totally stayed away from my beloved chocolate bars. Overall the week was good, although I had a headache many days and the craving were bad. Funny that I was watching tv with my husband and a tv show character took a bite of something. He stopped the tv and went to get a piece of beef jerky and when I asked him why he said it looked like to him that she was eating beef jerky and it sounded good to him. I started laughing because to me she was biting a piece of chocolate wafer cookie! And although at that moment I really wanted some chocolate I didn't have it!

    1. Oh my gosh, Alessandra, that is funny about your husband and the beef jerky! I drank Dbl Chocolate stout on Saturday night so that kind of a cheat BUT I don't have alcohol on my "List to Avoid" sooooo ;)

  3. I dont usually eat sweets, and instead of eating the carbs I would usually eat I found myself eating cake Friday and then on Sunday! Starting over today, dang I am terrible at these mini goals

    1. Actually, Angela, I don't remember seeing cake on your list of foods to avoid so I don't feel like you cheated! Your goal was to stay away from savory carbs and you did that! Success!