Monday, April 27, 2015

KC Staycation, Westport Edition

Our Kansas City staycation was so fun this weekend!


We left our house pretty early for a Saturday and headed straight to Beer Kitchen for breakfast. One of the things I was most looking forward to, besides having a break from our group home responsibilities, was eating breakfast at new (to us) places.

Oooooh my goodness, it was so good!

There was a line when we arrived, with people waiting outside, but we managed to get seated very quickly.

The first thing Justin saw, made his mouth water, and arrived at our table shortly after being seated.

Pork Belly @ Beer Kitchen

A sizzling pan of pork belly.  Anything with the name “belly” in it creates some emotions in me immediately, but I let my piece continue to cook until it was sufficiently burned on both sides and resembled more of a texture of meat than fat.

Justin hated to see a piece get wasted on me eating it because he LOVED it!  I loved the presentation.

Justin ordered Chicken and Waffles for his main course.  It came with a side of gravy and syrup.

Chicken and Waffles @ Beer Kitchen

It was super good.  He let me have a bite!

I ordered the Black Forest Dutch Baby.  It is a baked pancake topped with black forest ham, gouda, tomatoes, a fried, runny egg and hollandaise; with a side of potatoes.

Dutch Baby @ Beer Kitchen

Oh Mama. I wanted to stay there all day and keep ordering this meal over and over.  It was so GOOD!

We headed to our hotel to check in after brunch, AC Hotel by Marriot.


Wow, not a negative thing to say about this place.  Classy, modern and super friendly!  There was plenty of parking in their private parking lot.  Upon walking in the doors, we were greeted by the General Manager who checked us in quickly, letting us know about their amenities and what was located close by in Westport to enjoy.


The rooms were modern and minimalistic.  They felt very clean and fresh (if that makes sense).  I think the floor is why I got that feeling.  There is something about not having carpet that freshens up a hotel room.  The bed was super comfy and there were two bottles of water waiting for us.

After relaxing for a bit and waiting for the rain to stop, we walked to get some lunch at The Local Pig.


It has a really cool, laid back atmosphere.  We started with drinks.  Justin ordered a Peanut Butter Stout by 4 Hands and I ordered one of their specialty cocktails, Victory Garden (cucumber, fennel, bourbon, tarragon and honey).

Drinks @ Local Pig

My drink was tasty and fresh, and basically a salad. Justin’s drink stole the show and changed my entire outlook on dark beers.  My next drink was a 4 Hands Peanut Butter Stout as was Justin’s and then they ran out.  That was probably for the best.


I also tried a Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.  Also very tasty but more bitter than the peanut butter.


We thought we would start with the Charcuterie since it is a meat market.  All their meat comes from within a radius of 100 miles.

Charcuterie @ Local Pig

It was super good and gigantic! We didn’t end up ordering anything else.

We had big plans to walk around Westport, but it started to rain again, so we headed back to the room.

After a couple hours of relaxing, we were ready to get out for the night.  The plan was to have drinks and maybe a small plate at our bar and then head to Port Fonda, which has been on our radar for a while.

Ummmm, the bar tenders were so fun and the bar had such a comfortable, laid back vibe…

we never left the bar!


I was on a dark beer kick, so I stayed with it and ordered the  Buffalo Sweat, Oatmeal Cream Stout. We ordered kale chips and a salad for our small plates.


We had a great time chatting with the bar tenders and other people sitting at the bar.

Annnnnd we were asleep by about 8:30pm.

(in our room not at the bar)


Evidently, we needed some sleep.

We took our time Sunday morning and checked out at the normal hour.  It was raining, again, so we hopped in the car in search of brunch.  Parking was not happening in Westport, with how far we would have to walk in the rain, so we headed north, toward home.  We stopped at a couple places and the wait was super long.

We ended up at Trezo Mare, which we didn’t even realize had a brunch.  I’m pretty happy to learn of a new place with that option.  I ordered the biscuits and gravy with a side of scrambled eggs.  They are not your typical biscuits and gravy so that was a little weird for me.  They use an italian sausage and cheddar biscuits.  It was good just not your typical breakfast biscuits and gravy.

We arrived home

after Noon and with some very happy dogs and a cat to greet us.

I am so happy we spent the night in Westport in the AC Hotel by Marriot and ate at a couple new to us restaurants.  If you are planning a trip to Kansas City or are local and need a night out, I highly recommend staying at this hotel.

Be prepared to leave the hotel for your meals.  They do have a European-style breakfast buffet for an additional charge and small plates in the AC Lounge in the evening, but there is no actual restaurant in the hotel.  There are so many restaurants within walking distance, you won’t go hungry.

It was fun to relax with my favorite person and just get away from all our responsibilities for 24 hours.


For those that are local, where is your favorite place to eat in Westport?


  1. We love love love love (cant tell you enough) love Local Pig! Also CharBar is really good for breakfast.

    1. Thanks for the CharBar recommendation. We'll have to check it out!

  2. Grilled cheese sandwich at the beer kitchen is delish