Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hot Salad

Yesterday did NOT start like every other day because we were out of eggs!


How did we allow that to happen?  We are a household that can go through a dozen eggs a day!

Instead, I started my day with gluten free toast, peanut butter and a banana.


It did the job and gave me the energy to get myself to the gym.


After a quick trip to the grocery store, our egg supply was restocked. Thank goodness.

Justin cooked eggs and bacon and I ate mine with my usual Brussels Sprout salad but WARM.

Oooooo lala!


It was so good!

I ate this the other night with ground turkey and it made me see the world differently.  So when Justin cooked eggs and bacon, I knew I had to sit mine right on top of this warm salad.

You have to believe-in-the-words-that-I-am-saying and make this today.

I do not joke around about brussels sprouts or salad.


Yesterday was Girls on the Run practice, where we had a great discussion about values.  It was really impressive to see that they knew what having values meant and then as we went around the circle hearing what they valued in their life.  There were things like phones and tacos (which was on my list for sure), and then there were family, friends and pets in there as well.

It was also….

Royals Opening Day!

We did not go to the game, so we did the next best thing…


Grilled polish sausage with kraut and lots of mustard!



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