Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy Friday!

Today I am linking up with Friday Favorites!

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Hosted by: Andrea, Erika and Narci

First Favorite: Distressed Jeans

(because Shaeffer is the boss of me).

HERE is her post.  This is how I like to wear them:


The shirts are all from White House Black Market, except the red cardigan and that is from Loft.  The watches are both MK via Nordstrom.  The silver and copper flats are Nurture via Dillard’s while the green flats are from Talbots.  The leather cuff is Nickel and Suede.

I was hesitant to buy them because I have never been a fan of buying jeans with holes in them or buying clothing from the “Juniors” department but I went for it and have worn them everyday since they arrived on my door step! 

Second Favorite: Back Porch

I love our screened in porch.  It is really an extension of our kitchen/dining area. Giving it a little more color and life has made it to the top of my To-Do List.  While at IKEA, I picked up the four pillow covers you see in the picture along with the fake plant in the corner.  On Wednesday, I purchased the rug at Tuesday Morning.


Next on the list, is curtains, adding more plants to the tables and some more lights.  I can’t decide if I want another lamp or some hanging globe lights. What do you think?

Third Favorite: Kallax Shelving

I am so happy with Kallax by IKEA.  They are not hard to put together and feel super sturdy.  Unlike other book cases, where you put together all four sides, then balance all the shelves on little pegs, this unit gets locked in down the middle, piece by piece, with the last two pieces being one of the sides and the bottom. There is no way that sucker is coming apart or leaning or buckling!


I bought two of each size so I’ll take pictures again once the others are put together but I LOVE these shelving units so far.  They are deep and wide, perfect for all my workouts clothes.  I can use the baskets for sports bras and socks.  The other units will be for my shorts, leggings, capris and pants.

Fourth Favorite: Weekend Getaways

Justin and I have a super fun Saturday night staycation planned this weekend.  I am absolutely grateful for our job and I love what I do, but getting away with Justin, even if it’s just one night, it something I cherish. 

In the Fall, we split our staycation between the Plaza and Crown Center.


Last month, we spent a weekend in the Power & Light District.


Stay turned for where we are going this weekend!

Oh, and don’t forget, today is…

DAY SIX OF #runningfromsugar!

I have felt sluggish and cranky this week, but I am making it!  I hope you all are doing well.  Hang in there.  Sugar withdrawal is SO REAL and the only way to get through it is to fight the cravings!


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