Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Go Blog Social 2015 #2

Ok, so you already know, from THIS post, that I spent last Friday and Saturday at the Go Blog Social Blog Conference.  It is now Tuesday and I feel like all the information has had a chance to sink in to a point where I can make sense of it all or at least write about it.


I had the opportunity to listen to some amazing speakers and want to share them with you and four main points that I took away from their presentations.


Allisa Circle: Diary of an Addict, Pollinate Media and Weave Made Media

  • Tell your own story
  • Network with other bloggers
  • Working with Brands – if you don’t LOVE it, don’t write about it
  • Get busy on social media

Andra and Kelly: With Grace & Gold.
  • Does your blog reflect everything you LOVE?
  • Have a “signature move” – have something in your blog that when others see it they think of you
  • Engage personally on social media: ask questions, respond when people comment
  • Be honest, genuine, vulnerable and transparent

Alea Lovely: Wedding and Fashion Editorial Photographer, Writer and World Traveler
  • stick out like a sore thumb
  • Be YOU
  • Ask for what you want and go get it!
  • Be grateful and encourage others

Kilee Nichols: One Little Momma, Nickel & Suede.

  • she sells some super cute leather ear rings!
  • how to separate a blog from a business
  • with that said….how to promote a business on a blog and how to make a business personable by adding blog-type touches
  • hire out early on so you have time to work on what matters

Laurie Davis: eFlirt, The Digital Dating Experts.

  • Engage more on Twitter!
  • Big hearts create big brands
  • Be the EXPERT

Mandy Beyeler: Sugar Bee Crafts.

  • Make more videos
  • Create a blog tribe
  • Get on other blogs, link up, network
  • Get contributors for your own blog

Enza Ketcham: Enza’s Bargains.

  • Under promise, over deliver
  • How to handle a paid campaign
  • Make your own campaign!
  • Twitter parties

Meggan and Landon Wood: Lily Jade
  • Grow your audience
  • Understand who you are pitching to
  • Consider the product being sold
  • Know what story you are trying to tell with their product

Callie England: Rawxies
  • make your posts beautiful
  • take time with your pictures
  • go after what you want
  • be specific, don’t settle

My overall experience was game-changing for sure.  I had no idea what to expect and I am so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone.  For someone that usually talks to one person a day, networking for two days straight left me exhausted by Sunday and even feeling hung over.

It was worth it!

Top 5 Things I Need To Do:

  • Get busy on Twitter
  • Get a blog face-lift
  • Get more involved with other Bloggers
  • Create a “blog tribe”
  • Set specific WORK hours

I have one more post I need to make about this conference and that one will introduce all the ladies that worked their fannies off to put the whole thing together and the ladies I ate lunch with during the two days! 

Trust me, you WANT to meet these Bloggers and Business Owners!


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