Thursday, April 9, 2015

Extra Steamy

This morning I am feeling the affects of three things:

  1. The spin class and full body workout I did yesterday.
  2. The amount of prosecco I drank last night.
  3. Not washing off the thick layer of mascara before bed.

Whoa Mama.

My eyes are like….WHAT DID YOU DO?!

Yesterday was pretty fantastic though and worth the crusty eyes, sore body and dehydration this morning.

First things First, I needed to get something in my tummy before Spin Class, but only had 40 minutes to eat and digest it.  I grabbed some granola and a banana and hoped for the best.


The spin class was sweaty.  And awesome.

I swung by and grabbed the girls from the groomer on the way home.


Once there…

I ate a Quest bar and Justin and I headed to the gym.


I did a full body workout yesterday.


The gym was extra steamy so we both left with red faces and sweat soaked clothes.


In other words, we left there happy.

We had some errands to run, so we stopped at Olive Garden for some lunch.


Man, it was so good.  We both ordered the soup, salad and breadsticks.  I had forgotten how yummy it all is as it’s probably been 10 years.

We arrived home in time for Justin to get to his hair appointment and for me to get a shower and a nap before our night out


Justin’s Dad and Stepmom are back from their winter in Arizona, so we couldn’t wait to see them.  We chatted over some drinks at their house before heading to Hereford House for dinner.

Here would be a great place for a picture of my meal, but I forgot to take one! #bloggerfail

Let me just tell you, I ordered well. 

I had the salmon croquettes, off the appetizer menu, with a house salad.  I will definitely order that again.  I am not good at steak houses because I do not like to order steak in public. I need it embarrassingly (for Justin) over cooked and then it never is but I would never send it back, so then I pout and just eat around the outside and…..I would just rather order salmon croquettes.

As soon as we walked in the door, I ran for my jammies and I fell into bed with a tired body and a full belly.



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