Monday, April 20, 2015

Day Two #runningfromsugar

Yesterday my eyeballs popped open at 6am (with a little encouragement from Sara).


Realizing it was Sunday, I tried to convince myself (and Sara) to go back to sleep.  Then, I remembered I had a lunch date, and excitement took over and I was wide awake!


I couldn’t wait to meet up with my girlfriends at Parkville Coffee House! They were hoppin’ yesterday. I love seeing that little place busy.  I enjoyed a Ginger Green Tea and the quiche of the day.

They have a nice menu.  Of course, the only thing I have ever tried was the Quiche because I love it so much.


Mary had the Frittata (she chose to have it on a bed of greens but you also have the option of having it on bread) and Kristen had the Mediterranean Chicken sandwich.  Both looked delicious and may have convinced me to try something new next time. (maybe)

We sat outside while we ate and chatted and then ventured inside to their upstairs.  The upstairs is so cute and the décor makes you feel like you have walked in to someone’s home (in the 70’s).  There are four (4) living room type sitting areas and two kitchen table areas.  A great place to get comfy and enjoy some girl talk.

Two and half hours later, I was on my way home feeling grateful for having such positive women as friends.

Yesterday was also….

Day One of #runningfromsugar


And it wasn’t too bad, in fact, it seemed pretty easy.  I think the first day excitement along with visiting with girlfriends for a chunk of the day really helped.

So much of doing something like this is just making up your mind to do it!

When I go in to competition prep, a switch gets flipped and it is what it is. There are no other options.   That’s kind of how I am treating this.  I KNOW I feel better, look better and act better (less irritable, less anxious, less snappy) with out sugar in my life.  I want that back. 

There are no other options.

It’s not realistic to say I am never going to eat a dessert again, but I just have to clean the slate, press the RESET button so to speak.  Get back to a once a week treat, instead of every day.

Having so much sugar in my diet causes me to make other poor food choices because food doesn’t taste as good when I’m overflowing with sugar. So, I eat more searching for flavor or just make junky choices because I am trying to get that sugar fix.

You know something else having so much sugar causes, that I didn’t even realize until this moment?  I spend more money!  It’s that feeling of wanting MORE of something, ANYTHING.  Hmmmm, I never really thought about it until now.  I totally do that.

Oh  my gosh, I just remembered something else.  Several weeks ago I wanted some sort of chocolate candy thing (it was probably around Easter) and Justin talked me out of it.  On the way home, I told Justin I was going to drop him off and then go shopping for some jeans.  He pointed out that he thought the only reason I felt the need to do that was because I didn’t buy that candy.  I just wanted SOMETHING!

So, today is Monday, Day #2. 

There are twelve (12) of us in this so far, including Justin and I.  I am pumped about that! 

Make sure and use the hashtag: #runningfromsugar anytime you post or comment on social media so we can all find each other easily.

How did everyone do yesterday?  Did you notice anything about your habits?


  1. I noticed when I chose sugar etc that I am unconsciously doing it which is why I consume sooo much of it. I do get what you mean about it covering up taste. So far not too bad...I did have some tortilla chips and homemade salsa yesterday but better than the Doritos I was eyeballing so I call that a win.

    1. Good job choosing the tortillas and salsa versus Doritos or DONUTS! I also am guilty of unconsciously eating.

  2. Day #2 was a little harder than day #1. I realized today how much sugar we have in the house, and I'm not sure when those things started creeping into our grocery basket! I mean, we really used to be so much better at making healthy choices, but for some reason we allowed a few things in here and there. Next thing I know, we have 4 chocolate bars in the pantry, 2 different kinds of ice cream, and then there's the wine and beer!
    So glad we're doing this! Ready for day #3!

    1. Yes, Mary! I completely understand the "How did it all get here?" mystery. It starts so small with me buying a single wrapped cookie at a time, fast forward to last weekend and we had three PACKAGES of cookies in the house!

  3. Ok, so day 2 was way harder than I expected! Do you know what you wrote about Justin saying that when you didn't have sugar you just needed to get "something"??? That is how I felt yesterday! I was craving some chocolate REALLY bad and as I didn't have it I just wanted to eat more of ANYTHING!! I had potatoes yesterday but I hope that today I am able to control myself better! But do you know what was on my mind yesterday? Mother's day is coming up and I couldn't stop thinking that the challenge won't be over and I won't be able to have dessert :( :( How bad of an addiction is this?

    1. I felt the same way yesterday and since I had a headache, I ate some chips and saltine crackers. Which is still giving my body the sugar it wants sooooo I'm going to have to get a handle on that too. :( One day at at time. We can get through this!