Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Whatever it Takes!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day in Kansas City!

First things first, I ate some oats and eggs.


The day always starts out so good with food.

Next up:


In order to get my fanny to the gym yesterday, I needed to buy some new gym clothes.

Whatever it takes, right?

Justin was giving me some grief about it, so I was thrifty and headed to Old Navy first.


Women’s striped terry-fleece pullovers in pink and white (30% off)

Active Burnout Hooded Tunics in Carbon

Women’s Supersoft Terry-Fleece Pull Over in Black (20% off)

Women’s striped slub-knit hoodies in red stripe

Women’s terry-fleece tops in charcoal heather

THEN I headed to Dick’s.  I really did need some new Nike essential, black capris.  They are a staple and the couple of pairs I currently wear the crap out of have been around for about 5 or 6 years and are just now starting to show some wear.  I purchased a pair of the Nike Essential Capris and a pair of the Nike Essential Crops.


I couldn’t find a link on the Dick’s website for exactly what I bought.  HERE is a link to the Nike Essential capris shown above, with a yellow stripe, with the same price point (these are ON SALE for $42.99 at my store!).  And HERE is a link to the Essential Tights (full length) (these are $60 while the crops are $55)

After feeling very successful with my shopping trip, I was on my way to the gym.


Oh man, it was a good one!

I think everyone in the gym was feeling the beautiful weather, because there was some good energy in there yesterday.

Back at home

Justin and I ate Taco Bueno that I had picked up on my way home from the gym.  It seemed right, at the time.


Then I had to high-tail it to an eye appointment where I let the girls know at the front desk that I had just eaten Taco Bueno and was hoping I didn’t barf all over the Doctor.

When he asked me how it was going with my current contacts, I filled him in on my daily routine of sleeping in them and then waking up and dumping saline in my eyes.

He just stared at me.

Then said he wouldn’t recommend that, but if it’s working……

I didn’t make it to yoga. I wrapped up my day reading my old Blog posts looking for inspiration to get my diet back on track (as I ate cheesy bread sticks and brownies for dinner) and watching The Voice.

Here’s to a more healthy day today!  Happy Hump Day Friends!

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