Friday, March 13, 2015

The Best Day!

Oh man, yesterday was

t h e  B E S T  d a y !

The day started, as usual, with us getting our group home clients ready and on their way for their day.  Then I laced up my running shoes, strapped on my Garmin HR monitor and watch, and hit the streets. 

The weather was

perfect for running.

I ran a slow 3 miles with a couple walk breaks.  My body felt so much better than it did during Wednesday’s run.  And let be perfectly clear, when I say slow….I mean 10:30-11:00 min/mile.  Some people say they ran slow and they mean 9 min/mi.  When I read that, I’m like



Once I was done, I leashed up the girls and took them for their walk.


Back at home

I fixed a shake of Greek yogurt, almond milk, peanut butter, spinach, protein powder, frozen banana and frozen mixed berries.

On our way to the gym, we stopped at my chiropractor appointment.  Felt good to have my whole body adjusted and got me feeling ready for…..

Gym Time

Justin and I both did shoulders yesterday and it felt soooo good.


I don’t usually put the amount of weight I am lifting because it will be different for everyone. I wanted to go heavy with overhead presses yesterday and see how my neck/upper back felt.  I picked a weight I could do for 10 reps (30lb) and then went up by 5 pounds until Justin (who was spotting me) really had to get in there with me (40lb).  Then I went back to my first weight (30lb) and (planned to get 10) got 9.

With the upright rows, I had the same weight for all four sets (50lb), but just couldn’t get 10 for the last two sets.



was eaten at First Watch.  I had the most delicious quinoa bowl with poached eggs, mushrooms, kale, sausage and sun dried tomatoes.  It was their special last time we were there and it was so good I wanted it again.  Unfortunately, it is no longer on the menu but they made it for me anyway!


I wish I would have taken a picture of it, but I inhaled it as soon as the bowl hit the table!

I am also on a kick with this yummy juice.  I can’t remember exactly but I think it’s carrot, lemon, orange, ginger.  It’s so refreshing after a workout.


Later in the day

a package arrived.


A friend posted on Facebook about one of these a few weeks ago, so I ordered one.  We have fat calipers, but we never use them.

No form of measuring body fat is 100%, but, I believe, that if we use the same method each time, we will at least get an idea of how we are doing.

We both took our body fat last night and it was pretty accurate to where I feel I am.

I have to finish with saying how much I have enjoyed getting back to running in the morning.  I felt like I was on a runner’s high ALL DAY! 

Our heads hit the pillow pretty early last night so I am feeling refreshed and ready for the fun day we have planned.

Happy Friday! 

Time to get moving!

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  1. Even though I feel that when I run it " flattens my booty". I feel that I need it, really my sanity needs it. Guess I'll have to incorporate heavier squats ;)