Saturday, March 14, 2015

Now I Want a Donkey

I woke up bright and early and sore and EXCITED yesterday morning!

We had a fun day planned and I was ready to get going.


We were both so sore, we decided not to go to the gym.  Instead, we ate a big country breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast which seemed fitting, since we were spending the day in the country.

We loaded up in the car with our friends and headed 40 minutes north.  We spent the day in the sunshine and fresh air with a horse and donkey.


It was so peaceful out there.

Apparently, the horse and donkey were excited for our arrival and rolled around in the dirt before we got there.


Little stinkers.


I learned something new about donkeys.  I asked my friend, Wendy, why a donkey and a horse?  Why not two horses?


See how she is standing in between me and the horse?

They are protective.  So, this donkey has bonded with that horse and now she will protect her against coyotes or dogs or whatever may come near.  Isn’t that cool?  As soon as I walked up she came to me first and then stood like that and let me pet her.  She created a little barrier between me and the horse who was nervous with me being so close.


I read a little more about donkeys because I thought that was so interesting.   They are used during weaning foals.  A donkey will be put with a Mama horse and her baby and then when it’s time to wean, the donkey goes with the baby and provides comfort. (What about the Mama? Who goes with the Mama?! Sooooob.)


They are also used as stable companions for nervous horses as they have a calming effect.


Now I want a donkey.


We could use a little calming around here some days.

Another fun fact our friend’s taught us about donkeys: they can live to be 75!

We drove all over the 45 acres in their 4x4 buggy, but, of course, I forgot my camera in the car for that part of the day. Sad smile 


We really enjoyed ourselves and had fun with our friends. 

It was a beautiful day to be in the country!


She did not want to see us go.  It was kind of sad.


I want a donkey.


  1. Good to see you back on the boards! Looks like you've had a great week with running and working out and yes after reading this post I want a donkey too!!!!

    1. Thanks Melissa! Hope you and the family are doing well <3