Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lovely Spring Day

The past two days were spent in the darkest depths of the cramp cave.  Where the diet consisted of chips and cookies and the only workout was lifting ibuprofen to my lips and plugging in the heating pad.


But Wednesday

was fab-u-lous!

It started with a leg workout.


I hate when I type my workout up and it doesn’t look like I did much but I was nauseous and shaky by the end. #outofshape

Next up…

….a stop at my Chiropractor (Dr. Kelly Baker).  I have not raved enough about him and his whole office.  They are so wonderful and comforting. He has helped me out of some painful times with my neck and back through the past year.  He is one of the reasons I am lifting weights again.

Like, one of the MAIN reasons.


Here is another reason I am lifting weights again>>>>my FAVORITE massage therapist!  Angel is the BEST in the Kansas City Northland and was next on my agenda for Wednesday.


It takes a lot of body work to keep this 38 year old body in working order. Lifting weights, yoga, chiropractor and massages are the spokes in the wheel of my life.

Wednesday evening…

…was spent with my Mom seeing Cinderella.  It was so sweet and magical.  We both loved it!

Cinderella Glass Slipper

I received a package on one of the past two days.  It’s hard to know which since my uterus was engaged in a battle and the rest of my body was just hanging on for dear life.



tank HERE; sweatshirt HERE; graphic tee HERE

I usually don’t pay too much attention to Facebook ads, but SuperLoveTees popped up one day, or maybe one of my friends liked it and that’s why it showed up on my newsfeed.  Either way, it caught my eye and I am glad it did!


I purchased THIS sweatshirt.  It is the softest sweatshirt I have ever worn in my life!  Definitely my new favorite!

THIS sweatshirt used to be my favorite.


But, THIS one has taken over first place.


The tank top is a soft material and long enough to cover both your front and back fannies.  It also hangs so you can see your sports bra, which I really like.  I mean if you are going to pay good money for a cute sports bra, you might as well show it once in a while.


The graphic tee fits loose and is the most delightfully thin but not see through material.  It feels so good on.


Last week got a little chilly but Spring has returned to Kansas City and today is going to beautiful!


Hope you all have a lovely Spring Saturday!


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