Thursday, March 12, 2015

Glorious, Freeing and Fun

Yesterday began with a steaming bowl of hot oats and eggs.


After getting everyone up and around for the day,

I ran outside!

It was tough and chunky and stiff and heavy.


It was also glorious and freeing and fun!


I am wearing one of my favorite outfits from Athleta.  Justin bought me the capris, sports bra and shirt last year for my birthday so it’s all long gone from their website.  You should probably go to the website anyway, even if it’s just to stare at all the pretty colors (that’s what I do).   I love that site and that store.  Everything is so pretty and always fits perfect even after you wash it.

I wear and wash the heck out of my workout clothes so I like to buy pieces that can hold up to the abuse.  Anything I buy from Athleta always lasts a long time.


I did a slooooow mile and a half and soon found myself walking more than running.  So I swung by the house and picked up my girls.

They were so excited to go for a walk!


It may have been slow and short, but it was enough to get my endorphins flowing.  I was surprised with how out of shape my lungs felt.  It was like I had been chain smoking the whole morning.

Honestly, I really thought I was going to get out there and run 3 miles with no problem.  I even hung around the house waiting for my Garmin to charge so I could keep track of my pace and distance.  I think I waited for that thing to charge longer than I ran!

It was really motivating

to get out there more (like today) and humbling to say the least.

Justin left for the gym and I hung around outside, sipping on a smoothie, daydreaming in the Sundance Catalogue.


I was SUPPOSED to get a massage but our second car wouldn’t start.   Justin and I go so many places together that we rarely start our second car.  Since Justin was at the gym, I just rescheduled my appointment and headed outside to soak up some more beautifulness.

When he returned, I was ready to go buy a new vehicle, but he hooked the battery to a charger for about 5 seconds, drove it around and called it good to go.


For dinner,

I dug around in our fridge and used up the hamburger meat we had along with any veggies  I could find.


I made some spaghetti noodles, with a cream of mushroom sauce and parmesan cheese, for our group home clients.  I didn’t intend for Justin and I to eat any but when I tasted it for flavor, it was so yummy we added it to our bowls as well!


To the browned hamburger meat,  I added zucchini, mushrooms, onion and a can of diced tomato.  Everything was seasoned with garlic powder and Italian seasoning.  It was easy and good.

We wrapped up our day watching Survivor and Modern Family.



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