Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fun Workouts

How can ONE hour make me feel so close to death?!


It’s so weird.  It’s only ONE HOUR! 

Yesterday was Rough.

After getting our morning work done, we took our time eating breakfast and getting ready for the gym.


My intention was to do back and biceps, but, as you can see, I didn’t do a whole lot for my biceps.

It feels SO GOOD to be pain free during and after workouts.  Since having problems with my neck and upper back in November, I walked in the gym maybe two times from December 15th until February 9th.  I had done a lot of yoga, a lot of chiropractor appointments and a lot of massages - but no gym.

FINALLY, I am down to one chiropractor appointment a week and back in the gym 5 days a week with no pain.  Lots of soreness but no pain. 


Here’s a fun Quad workout I did last week, that had my legs sore even yesterday.


And here’s the other leg workout I did early last week that got my hamstrings and glutes.


I think I get about 30 lunges in where I do the walking lunges in our gym.  I did the smith machine the week before but this was the first time I had put a bar on my back like this in 2 months without pain.

I am super pumped!!

I have been so excited to be back in the gym pain free, that I have been neglecting my yoga practice.  My hope is to get to a class this evening.

Back at home

I prepared a snack and got my lesson together for Girls on the Run practice.  The girls were feeling the effect of the time change and warm weather because they were extra ELECTRIC!  I was pooped by the time I got home. 

This is the snack I made for the girls:


I brought some regular grapes just in case anyone didn’t like it and I’m glad I did!  There were several that just wanted regular grapes.  I thought they were SUPER yummy!


Hope everyone is enjoying a rise temps like we are in Kansas City!

Gym Time!


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