Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dear Bunny, I’m Sorry

Friends.  I had a heart stopping moment last night.

Here is what went down.

We had our back door open all evening, enjoying the warm March air.  The dogs and cat were running in and out frolicking like animals do.  Full of love and happiness in their heart.


As it got darker, everyone came inside but we left the back door open to let the cool air that darkness brings in to the house.  Justin, myself and the girls were all laying around in the living room all relaxed and vulnerable….when we hear a scream in the HALLWAY!!


We know that squeal/scream all too well..

Brutus had a BUNNY!

In our house! 

Like all the way in.  To. the. core. of. our. house.

Right outside our bedroom door.  Any sudden movement and he could dart in our room and hop on OUR BED!!


He had to have quietly came in the back door.  Walked through the kitchen.  Then stealthily snuck beside Justin and behind me all the in to the hallway!

Can our dogs not smell!?!  How did they not warn us?!

How did Brutus get past all of us with a FREAKING BUNNY!

At the sound of the squeal, Justin and I both looked at each and leaped up to verify what we already knew. I ran to shut the back door and Justin opened the front door.  I came running with two mops just in time to see Justin guiding Brutus out the front door with the use of a visor.  Brutus proudly marched out with his mouthful of bunny.

Sorry bunny.


The beginning of the day started much calmer with another run in the books for this girl.


Justin joined me and we took the girls for their walk.


Back at home, I grabbed a Quest bar because I realized I hadn’t eaten any thing and we headed to the gym.


I did back and biceps.


I was starving when we got home, so I got some Brussels sprouts in the oven to roast and ate two pieces of peanut butter toast while they cooked.


My lunch of chicken thigh and breast, Brussels sprouts and red bell pepper was eaten outside in the sunshine.


was just as delicious.


Hamburger patties with ketchup and mustard along with the rest of the bag of Brussels Sprouts.

We wrapped up our day watching The View and trying to get past the bunny incident.