Sunday, March 22, 2015

Breakfast Casseroles

I usually blog about the day before but today is Sunday and Sundays are all about the breakfast casserole here at the Beach House! 

Here are some of our favorites.






The basic recipe

All the ingredients are based on how much you want to eat of each.  I like to have equal parts potatoes to meat/veggie mixture.  I always use 15 eggs.

  • Hash browns – Frozen, Shredded, about 8-9 cups
  • Meat  - cook if it is raw
  • Veggies – sometimes I sauté, sometimes I put in frozen or raw
  • Eggs – beat 15 eggs and season
  • Cheese – shredded

Cook or sauté the ingredients that need to be, beat your eggs and add salt, pepper, thyme, whatever seasoning you like.  Then layer hash browns, veggies, meat, and cheese in the largest baking dish you own (spray it with non-stick spray first!).  Pour your egg mixture over the the whole thing.  Gently shake your dish back and forth so the egg mixture is even.  The eggs will all sink to the bottom at this point but when it cooks they will puff up.

Bake at 350o for an hour or until eggs are set.  I start checking it at 45 minutes.

Quinoa Bake and Quiche

When I made the Quinoa bake, I mixed everything but the egg together and put in greased baking dish.  Then I poured the egg in and topped with cheese.

The quiche was made by mixing all the ingredients with egg before hand and then pouring in to the pre-baked crust.

The best part is

you can NOT mess these up.  I use whatever meat, veggies and cheese we have left over from the week.  They are so good and feed our house of five (5) with left overs.


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