Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Nice Little Saturday

We enjoyed a nice little Saturday.

It started like most other days…


Annnnnd another round of girls scout cookies got delivered.


I still feel the same.

Date Night!


We headed to the last basketball games for our nephews, Evan and Brad.


They had a fun season and I’m glad I was able to make it to a couple of their games.


They definitely had the biggest cheering section yesterday.


And a picture from the other end…


And one with me in it!


After the game, we grabbed something to eat at On The Border and then saw “Kingsman, The Secret Service”.


We thought it was pretty good.  My Mom and Stepdad, on the other hand, who saw it a week or so ago, did NOT like it!  In fact, my Mom turned to Facebook to declare her distaste for this movie!

So we had their opinions in our head while viewing it.  I kept waiting for something to make me not like the movie but it never came.  I like it.

It is silly at times and Justin mentioned at the end that it was comic-book-y and kind of seemed like a James Bond parody.

Well, after reading about the movie this morning, his comment is actually true.   It is based on a comic book. 

Hope everyone had a fun Saturday.  I am off to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL Sunday!


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