Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Fresh Start

Yesterday was a little too chilly for a run, so I spent the early part of the morning working on my blog, reading other blogs and whipping up a fresh batch of bathroom cleaner.


Good thing I did.

One of the most important lessons we have learned from owning a group home for people with developmental disabilities is each day is a new day.  A chance to start over.


Sometimes that means throwing everything away in the bathroom and starting over.  Without giving all the details, I cleaned what was secured to the floor but the rest had to go.

When Justin saw me coming up the stairs with the trash can and the words “Everything has to go”  he blurted out “IDON’TWANTTOKNOW!”  as fast as he could.

Early morning tummies can’t always handle early morning bathroom stories.


In other news

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day!  I had big plans of making corned beef and cabbage in my Le Creuset.


But instead we ate tacos for lunch and Chinese for dinner.

I started my day with Yoga.

And it was wonderful and blissful and perfect.

I left there with a full heart.



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