Monday, March 30, 2015

20 Years and a Weekend Get-a-Way

We spent the weekend relaxing in Kansas City, out of our house.  Friday was a pretty big anniversary for us.


We met each other on March 27, 1995.  This picture was taken 5 months after we met, in August, when we took our first road trip to Arizona.


Justin came home from the gym on Thursday and surprised me with a bouquet of flowers so big I had to spit it into two vases.


So Pretty!

We planned a weekend get-away-from-our-house in Kansas City to celebrate and to make it even better, my SIL and her boyfriend were in town.


We found a hotel within walking distance of them and checked in Friday afternoon.


Here is what I think about this hotel:


  • We were ready to check in before 3pm and they were very accommodating.
  • The rooms are clean and comfortable.
  • The guy who checked us in was friendly.
  • There is a Starbuck’s in the lobby.
  • It has a great location in Downtown and within walking distance to everything you may need (restaurants, bars, grocery store, theaters, Bartle Hall, etc)
  • It has a bar and a restaurant.


  • The bar is really small and anytime we tried to go, there were kids all over the place taking up tables (with their parents).  The service was super slow and unfriendly.
  • The parking garage smelled like propane or natural gas, which was concerning.
  • They are not equipped to handle a full hotel.  Everything was super slow and crowded all weekend.

Overall, there are better hotels in Kansas City, but if you need to stay in that area, they are in an awesome location.

As soon as we were settled in our room,


we headed out in search of food and landed at BRGR.  We both know that we like this restaurant and don’t get there very often so it was an easy choice.


We tried some fried deviled eggs for a starter because we were STARVING.  We both love deviled eggs, and you don’t see them on a menu very often.  The fried spin on them was pretty tasty as the breading was more of an herb crust.  I think I would order something different next time, but they were fun to try.


For my meal, I ordered the S&P Burger on a Gluten free bun, which is their classic lettuce, tomato, onion burger and we shared some sweet potato fries.


Oh and we had bloody mary’s! Everything was super good!

Friday evening…

we met up with the family for dinner at Seasons 52.


I couldn’t decide on a main meal, so I ordered the crab cake (from the appetizer section), a warm caprese salad (from the salad section) and asparagus (from the side dish section).  It was all sooooo good!  The warm caprese salad was my favorite.


Next up….dessert! I picked peanut butter chocolate and key lime pie.


Oh man, they are so good and tiny and cute.


We headed back to our hotel bar for drinks and stayed up waaaaay past our bed time.


Saturday we slept in.


And didn’t get moving until it was time for lunch.

We walked down to The Dubliner, where I ordered a soup (Dublin Coddle) and house salad. 

Here’s how the menu describes the soup:  “A hearty stew of Irish sausages, potatoes, bacon, onions, cabbage and kale.


This is what was brought to the table….


Really?  I think they forgot a couple ingredients.

At least the beer and salad were good.


Dinner was the highlight of the day!

We met up with Sarah and Jessie for some sushi at the Drunken Fish.


It is super good and worth the wait you are probably going to have as the restaurant is pretty small.

Justin and I kept ordering and sharing until we had our fill.  I only snapped pictures of the two I ordered, but his were equally delicious.


I ordered the Wonder Woman Roll at the same time that Justin ordered the Spicy Eskimo Roll and they complimented each other so well.  His was spicy with a piece of jalapeño on top, and wrapped in rice while the Wonder Woman was light and refreshing with salmon, crab mix all wrapped up in cucumber.  I highly recommend ordering those two together.

We wrapped up the night in Sarah and Jessie’s hotel bar since Crowne Plaza’s bar is tiny and packed with little kids.


We had a ton of fun catching up with Sarah and Jessie over late night drinks and were glad we only had a short walk back to our hotel.



We took our time waking up thinking we would order room service until we found out it was going to take an HOUR to get our food.

No thanks.

We packed up and stopped at a breakfast place on our way home.

We had such a fun weekend visiting with family and celebrating knowing each other for 20 years!!  It was good to get out of our house for a couple nights and away from our responsibilities of the group home.

Hope everyone has a great Monday.  It’s a brand new week!


  1. I can't believe I have been such a blog slacker. Your blogs always make me smile and light a fire under my.... chair to do SOMETHING!!! Thanks!

  2. What a great weekend! Makes me want to pack up and head out for a fun getaway too. Congrats on 20 years! You guys are just so cute together! :)