Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Welcome Back Brussels Sprouts

Yesterday started with a bowl of steaming oats and eggs.


Next up: Gym


Where I wore this:


Post workout: Smoothie and Sunshine


I had to get some work done and then head to Girls on the Run practice.  We talked about being Grateful and taking time to be quiet and reflect on things or people for which we are grateful.  It was another fun and ENERGY PACKED practice!

Back at home,

I put our food processor to work and shredded tons of veggies.  Some for a huge batch of pasta salad for our group home client’s lunches for the week and shredded brussels sprouts for MY lunches for the week.

Welcome back shredded Brussels Sprouts, Welcome back.


If you follow me on Facebook, I reposted THIS POST about my favorite brussels sprouts salad.


I am going to eat the crap out of that salad this week. 

We spent the evening

with Justin’s Mom, Sister and her boyfriend eating Chinese food and exchanging Christmas gifts!  Better late than never.  It was beautiful outside so we sat in the screened in porch, soaking up some family time before Sarah and Jessie head back to Texas today.


I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that I spent Sunday afternoon at a painting class hosted by my friends and led by Laurie of Pieces of my Art.


These little painting classes are so popular and for good reason.  It doesn’t even matter what we are painting, they are always fun!  Laurie usually holds her classes at a coffee shop or she does private parties like this one.

Monday, March 30, 2015

20 Years and a Weekend Get-a-Way

We spent the weekend relaxing in Kansas City, out of our house.  Friday was a pretty big anniversary for us.


We met each other on March 27, 1995.  This picture was taken 5 months after we met, in August, when we took our first road trip to Arizona.


Justin came home from the gym on Thursday and surprised me with a bouquet of flowers so big I had to spit it into two vases.


So Pretty!

We planned a weekend get-away-from-our-house in Kansas City to celebrate and to make it even better, my SIL and her boyfriend were in town.


We found a hotel within walking distance of them and checked in Friday afternoon.


Here is what I think about this hotel:


  • We were ready to check in before 3pm and they were very accommodating.
  • The rooms are clean and comfortable.
  • The guy who checked us in was friendly.
  • There is a Starbuck’s in the lobby.
  • It has a great location in Downtown and within walking distance to everything you may need (restaurants, bars, grocery store, theaters, Bartle Hall, etc)
  • It has a bar and a restaurant.


  • The bar is really small and anytime we tried to go, there were kids all over the place taking up tables (with their parents).  The service was super slow and unfriendly.
  • The parking garage smelled like propane or natural gas, which was concerning.
  • They are not equipped to handle a full hotel.  Everything was super slow and crowded all weekend.

Overall, there are better hotels in Kansas City, but if you need to stay in that area, they are in an awesome location.

As soon as we were settled in our room,


we headed out in search of food and landed at BRGR.  We both know that we like this restaurant and don’t get there very often so it was an easy choice.


We tried some fried deviled eggs for a starter because we were STARVING.  We both love deviled eggs, and you don’t see them on a menu very often.  The fried spin on them was pretty tasty as the breading was more of an herb crust.  I think I would order something different next time, but they were fun to try.


For my meal, I ordered the S&P Burger on a Gluten free bun, which is their classic lettuce, tomato, onion burger and we shared some sweet potato fries.


Oh and we had bloody mary’s! Everything was super good!

Friday evening…

we met up with the family for dinner at Seasons 52.


I couldn’t decide on a main meal, so I ordered the crab cake (from the appetizer section), a warm caprese salad (from the salad section) and asparagus (from the side dish section).  It was all sooooo good!  The warm caprese salad was my favorite.


Next up….dessert! I picked peanut butter chocolate and key lime pie.


Oh man, they are so good and tiny and cute.


We headed back to our hotel bar for drinks and stayed up waaaaay past our bed time.


Saturday we slept in.


And didn’t get moving until it was time for lunch.

We walked down to The Dubliner, where I ordered a soup (Dublin Coddle) and house salad. 

Here’s how the menu describes the soup:  “A hearty stew of Irish sausages, potatoes, bacon, onions, cabbage and kale.


This is what was brought to the table….


Really?  I think they forgot a couple ingredients.

At least the beer and salad were good.


Dinner was the highlight of the day!

We met up with Sarah and Jessie for some sushi at the Drunken Fish.


It is super good and worth the wait you are probably going to have as the restaurant is pretty small.

Justin and I kept ordering and sharing until we had our fill.  I only snapped pictures of the two I ordered, but his were equally delicious.


I ordered the Wonder Woman Roll at the same time that Justin ordered the Spicy Eskimo Roll and they complimented each other so well.  His was spicy with a piece of jalapeño on top, and wrapped in rice while the Wonder Woman was light and refreshing with salmon, crab mix all wrapped up in cucumber.  I highly recommend ordering those two together.

We wrapped up the night in Sarah and Jessie’s hotel bar since Crowne Plaza’s bar is tiny and packed with little kids.


We had a ton of fun catching up with Sarah and Jessie over late night drinks and were glad we only had a short walk back to our hotel.



We took our time waking up thinking we would order room service until we found out it was going to take an HOUR to get our food.

No thanks.

We packed up and stopped at a breakfast place on our way home.

We had such a fun weekend visiting with family and celebrating knowing each other for 20 years!!  It was good to get out of our house for a couple nights and away from our responsibilities of the group home.

Hope everyone has a great Monday.  It’s a brand new week!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

1 and 2 and 3 and….

Tuesday I went to Yoga and it was like drinking a big ‘ol cup of LOVE.


I also needed a pair of jeans on Tuesday.  So, I did what any sensible girl does when they only need one item of clothing….White House Black Market.

If you have been to WHBM then you know how that ended.  My two favorite items from the shopping experience (which is the only way to describe shopping at WHBM):


THESE jeans and THIS shirt

The lovely stylists had several pairs of jeans waiting for me in the dressing room, as they do at WHBM, and this was the first pair I tried on and never took off for the rest of my visit.  They are comfortable and have some stretch without being too thin and soft.  Too many women’s jeans are too stretchy and the material feels thin and flimsy.  I want a jean that feels like a jean and will keep their shape, not feel like sweat pants after the third wear.  Plus they have a cute little zipper!

Oh and that green shirt.  It is much more vibrant and green in person.  It is blousy in front and then longer in back.  It is flow-y and feminine and I love it so much.


started with the usual oats and eggs.


On our way to the gym, we made a quick stop at our chiropractor, so I could get put back in alignment.  Every week I require head to toe adjustments and when he pulls my legs to adjust my hips

it changes my life!!  

ahmahgah….Every week. I am not even joking about this. 

Yesterday, I felt the adjustment all the way down to my ankle.  And my ankle NEEDED it!  I didn’t even know it needed it.  It made me groan. (which is always a little embarrassing)


I wore this to the gym.


Leggings (HERE) and Shoes (similar) are Nike; Tank is old from Marshall’s (I think); and the Long sleeve is from Ellie.

You can’t really tell from the picture, but the leggings have mesh behind the knee that continues down the side of the calf.  So cute.

We arrived home just in time for me to shower and down a smoothie before it was time for our CPR/First Aid class.  We are required to update every two (2) years and it’s always good to get that refresher.


The first aid stuff is kind of boring (but necessary) but I really like doing the hands on part of the class.  The public can once again feel safe because I am completely confident in my abilities for choking, CPR or the use of an AED!  1 and 2 and 3 and 4…….


was taco salad as we tucked in for the night watching Survivor and Modern Family.

Oh and we had dessert of strawberries, black grapes and white wine!  Very sophisticated.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Spoon with that Shake

Yesterday started with some left over breakfast casserole…


A workout….


Where I wore this….


Nike capris (old) similar, Nike shoes (old) similar, Nike tank HERE, Old Navy shirt HERE (btw this shirt is $10 online!). 

And Justin wore this….


Pants and shirt are both Nike, purchased at Dick’s a year or so ago, and his shoes are converse – I don’t even remember where he bought those.

Post workout

A shake (plain greek yogurt, almond milk, frozen banana, frozen berries, natural pb, protein powder) so thick I ate it with a spoon….


While I am enjoying my post workout shake, I see Sara being all cute on a comfy chair in the sun.  That girl knows what good is.


Finally, some Girls on the Run!  I would love to share all the fun pictures I took at practice yesterday, but..you know…privacy.  So here is a picture of me!


Nike capris HERE, Nike shoes similar, tank and shirt Marshall’s or TJ Maxx (old)

Practice was fun and crazy energy as usual!  Our lesson this week was about food groups and how nutrition affects every part of our lives.

I was pooped when I got home and starving.  I got busy in the kitchen making spaghetti with meat sauce.  We settled in for the night eating our bowls of spaghetti and watching TV.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Breakfast Casseroles

I usually blog about the day before but today is Sunday and Sundays are all about the breakfast casserole here at the Beach House! 

Here are some of our favorites.






The basic recipe

All the ingredients are based on how much you want to eat of each.  I like to have equal parts potatoes to meat/veggie mixture.  I always use 15 eggs.

  • Hash browns – Frozen, Shredded, about 8-9 cups
  • Meat  - cook if it is raw
  • Veggies – sometimes I sauté, sometimes I put in frozen or raw
  • Eggs – beat 15 eggs and season
  • Cheese – shredded

Cook or sauté the ingredients that need to be, beat your eggs and add salt, pepper, thyme, whatever seasoning you like.  Then layer hash browns, veggies, meat, and cheese in the largest baking dish you own (spray it with non-stick spray first!).  Pour your egg mixture over the the whole thing.  Gently shake your dish back and forth so the egg mixture is even.  The eggs will all sink to the bottom at this point but when it cooks they will puff up.

Bake at 350o for an hour or until eggs are set.  I start checking it at 45 minutes.

Quinoa Bake and Quiche

When I made the Quinoa bake, I mixed everything but the egg together and put in greased baking dish.  Then I poured the egg in and topped with cheese.

The quiche was made by mixing all the ingredients with egg before hand and then pouring in to the pre-baked crust.

The best part is

you can NOT mess these up.  I use whatever meat, veggies and cheese we have left over from the week.  They are so good and feed our house of five (5) with left overs.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lovely Spring Day

The past two days were spent in the darkest depths of the cramp cave.  Where the diet consisted of chips and cookies and the only workout was lifting ibuprofen to my lips and plugging in the heating pad.


But Wednesday

was fab-u-lous!

It started with a leg workout.


I hate when I type my workout up and it doesn’t look like I did much but I was nauseous and shaky by the end. #outofshape

Next up…

….a stop at my Chiropractor (Dr. Kelly Baker).  I have not raved enough about him and his whole office.  They are so wonderful and comforting. He has helped me out of some painful times with my neck and back through the past year.  He is one of the reasons I am lifting weights again.

Like, one of the MAIN reasons.


Here is another reason I am lifting weights again>>>>my FAVORITE massage therapist!  Angel is the BEST in the Kansas City Northland and was next on my agenda for Wednesday.


It takes a lot of body work to keep this 38 year old body in working order. Lifting weights, yoga, chiropractor and massages are the spokes in the wheel of my life.

Wednesday evening…

…was spent with my Mom seeing Cinderella.  It was so sweet and magical.  We both loved it!

Cinderella Glass Slipper

I received a package on one of the past two days.  It’s hard to know which since my uterus was engaged in a battle and the rest of my body was just hanging on for dear life.



tank HERE; sweatshirt HERE; graphic tee HERE

I usually don’t pay too much attention to Facebook ads, but SuperLoveTees popped up one day, or maybe one of my friends liked it and that’s why it showed up on my newsfeed.  Either way, it caught my eye and I am glad it did!


I purchased THIS sweatshirt.  It is the softest sweatshirt I have ever worn in my life!  Definitely my new favorite!

THIS sweatshirt used to be my favorite.


But, THIS one has taken over first place.


The tank top is a soft material and long enough to cover both your front and back fannies.  It also hangs so you can see your sports bra, which I really like.  I mean if you are going to pay good money for a cute sports bra, you might as well show it once in a while.


The graphic tee fits loose and is the most delightfully thin but not see through material.  It feels so good on.


Last week got a little chilly but Spring has returned to Kansas City and today is going to beautiful!


Hope you all have a lovely Spring Saturday!