Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Words on Words

Warning: This post is wordy and Christmasy.

I am loving my new morning routine.


It’s all the things I have been wanting to do the in morning so it’s easy to put my book down knowing it’s time to journal and blog.

It’s also helping to keep my blog time down knowing that I want to have time to stretch and meditate.  If I don’t finish my post in that 30 minutes, it’s okay, I can always go back to it after our clients leave (or 2 days later like this post!) but it keeps me from spending 45 minutes in PicMonkey editing/designing a picture.


I have kept journals at different phases in life but mostly during difficult times.  I don’t want to look back on my journals and read only negativity or struggle.  It’s been nice this week to write a little each day about how I feel and what I am grateful for.

I also have been reading about “dumping” on your spouse and how journaling can be a way of stopping this behavior.  If I want to, I can go many days without talking to anyone but Justin.  So that means he has to listen to ALL. my. thoughts.  You can imagine how exhausting that can be.

I was reading about the more I “dump” on him, the more he wants to fix everything and that starts to wear on both people.  It will create a feeling of dread.  Every time he sees me, he will gear up for a problem he is going to have to solve and he will start to dread that.

I am not saying that I will stop sharing with Justin on the daily but I have a lot going on in my brain and get exhausted with myself, so it can be a lot to live with if I am constantly sharing.

Writing in a journal helps me get everything out of my head since most things aren’t actually problems I need solved, they are just random thoughts or worries or complaints that the next day, or an hour later, don’t mean anything.

When we go in to social settings Justin will remind me, “You don’t have to say everything that comes to mind.”  I need to apply that to my marriage as well.

While we are here……Do you guys have pre-social pep talks with your spouses?  Justin and I both get a little anxiety in social settings and they surface differently for each us.  I get brutally honest with people and say whatever comes to mind and Justin drinks.   So we have little reminders that we give each other before getting out of the car to relax and not let our anxiety make us say or do things we are going to have to apologize for later.

Sometimes it works.

2015 Planner

I finally printed my weekly and daily pages for my 2015 planner yesterday! Hooray!

2015 Daily Planner


2015 Weekly Planner


I am sharing them but keep in mind that I make these specifically for me so they include a place for me to track diet, exercise and my monthly cycle.  So if you also track those things, then this is the planner for YOU!


I print mine double sided so the dates are on the outer margin.  I print all the daily pages and insert them in the back of my ARC planner.  Then each day, I remove one from the back and pop it into place on top of my weekly sheet.  I fold it in half so it lays like shown above and below.  That way I can see my week and day all together.


I still need to design Monthly pages and a couple other pages I want to use throughout the year.  So stay turned.


has thrown up all over our house!  And it’s so cozy.


What is it about Christmas decorations that makes everything feel home-y and comfy and hot chocolate-y?


Since I like to see inside other people’s houses, here’s a look inside ours.









Justin even helped me put lights on the bushes out front!

Other things happening

I bought the girls their Christmas sweaters.


Knitted another scarf.


Received two oils that I have been dying to try and they are awesome!  I am diffusing Christmas Spirit right now and it smells so good!


And let me tell you, I think Abundance worked for me yesterday.  I got A LOT done in my day!

If you ever want to order oils, use my Member # 1761901 so we both benefit.  Or let me know and I will order for you with my wholesale discount! (24% off).


We finally went to Crossfit yesterday! HOORAY!  We could feel that we hadn’t been in a week and a half.  Justin thought he was going to puke and I thought I was going to poop my pants so it was a good a workout.



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