Monday, December 1, 2014

Just a Couple Things

I received my Fourth Stitch Fix the other day and sent everything back.


And not because I didn’t like anything.  The stylist got everything SO right that I already have most of the pieces in my closet. 


Laying across the top: 

Level 99, Pandora Stretch Sueded Leggings, Black: $68.00.  I don’t own suede leggings, but I own enough leggings. Period.

From left to right:

Pixley, Potina Checkered Lining Cardigan, Black: $68.00  This is the only piece I did not care for.  The lining was very 80’s and not flattering.

41Hawthorn, Queensland Dolman Jersey Top, Black: $48.00.  A great top but I already have two black dolman tops.

41Hawthorn, Selfridge Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Top, Grey: 48.00 (It looks more purple in the picture.  In person it’s a little more grey). This top felt great on. The material is thin enough that it would layer nicely with a cardigan or jacket but heavy enough to hang well.  Very flattering.

Daniel Rainn, Bilson Silk Pleat Tabsleeve Blouse, Cobalt: $88.00.  I don’t wear silk well.  Shirts in that material never fit correctly across my chest/shoulder/upper arm area.  Plus I sweat a lot, so that’s never a good look with silk.

Merchandise Total: $320.00

Less the Styling Fee: ($20.00)

Less the 25% Discount for purchasing all pieces: ($75.00)

If I would have kept everything the total would have been $225.00

I just couldn’t justify keeping any of the pieces, so I forfeited my $20 styling fee and stuffed it all back in my mailbox.

Although I didn’t keep anything this time, it was nice to see that the stylist had listened to my recommendations.  Unfortunately, I have done some shopping in between sending in my notes and receiving this Fix!

Until next year….

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving week of family and food! 

We started the Gatherings of Gratefulness (<<< you like that?) with my Mom’s last Sunday.


On Thanksgiving Day we went to Justin’s Dad’s house.


We feel very grateful to have an abundance of family that live close, knowing that there are those out there not able to spend time with their own.


We soaked up all the time and love and salt and fat  from each gathering and went home with our hearts and bellies full.


Justin’s StepMom, Jane, is always happiest when her house is full of kids and grandkids and food and gigantic bottles of wine (that last one makes us all the happiest).


Ya’ll are going to want to make THESE.  Make a lot because they disappear fast!

And we wrapped up the week on Saturday at Justin’s Mom’s where she totally out did herself and the star of the show was her made-from-scratch Cherry Pie! (if only I had taken a picture)

Man, what a great week.  So much laughing and soaking up the love of our family.

There is so much to be grateful for DAILY!

And NOW….We are looking forward to cleaning up our diets and getting in some good workouts until Christmas festivities begin!

I am also looking forward to putting away our Fall decorations and covering our home with Christmas!





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