Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yoga and a Movie

Yesterday started with some power cooking because I realized I didn’t have anything ready for our client’s lunches! (which is about to go down again this morning)

I whipped up a batch of Pizza Biscuits with a side of pizza sauce.  I use this recipe for my biscuits and then chopped up some pepperoni, grated some mozzarella and mixed both in to the dough before rolling it out.  Once it was rolled out, I sprinkled it with garlic powder and italian seasoning and then cut into biscuits.


Justin and I each tried one before packing their lunches and they were GOOD!  I was excited for them to eat their lunch and a little bummed that I wasn’t going to be there. (kind of)

I also made a batch of the cookies we always include in their lunches.

Whew.  I was hustlin’ but managed to get it all done and soon everyone was on their way for the day.

After the usual breakfast,


I was on my way to Body Pump!


It was a great class and, this being my second class in under a year, I was better prepared with changing my weights to more appropriately match the exercises we were doing.  Actually following the instructors directions, makes the class a lot less traumatizing.


Back at home, I ate a Quest Bar.


The other day I had to ask Justin to start his sentence over because I was thinking about fake trees and missed what he said.


I couldn’t wait for lunch! Chicken Cabbage Casserole, sprinkled with some parmesan cheese.


I went to YOGA in the evening.

90 Minutes of Ashtanga

It felt so good.


(picture taken from InBliss Facebook page, click on picture to go to source)


I was pretty hungry when I arrived home after yoga.  I couldn’t wait to dive into a big plate of spaghetti squash with mexican meat sauce and roasted brussels sprouts!


We wrapped up the day snuggled in watching the movie Maleficent.


(click on photo to go to source)

We both thought it was boring at times but overall a good movie.  Angelina Jolie was great as was Elle Fanning.


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