Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hearts and Balls

Yesterday started with the usual work stuff around the Beach House which includes making cookies for our client’s lunches.


And working on pages for my 2015 planner.  One of the many things I am obsessed with right now is my Planner!  It’s that time of year where things are already being planned for 2015 so I need to get my planner in order.

I love all the planners that you can buy but none of them have EXACTLY what I want, so last year I started making my own.

Here are the pages I made for 2014.

Here is what I am working on for this year.  (2014 is in the binder currently)


I color code as I write in my planners.  This year I am designing my planner more basic in black and white so my color system will stand out more.

  • Orange – Birthdays
  • Green – Workouts
  • Blue – Personal Appt.
  • Pink – Group Home Appt

I used to write everything in black and use a highlighter for color coding.  Last year I got away from that and tried using Washi tape and different colored pens.  It was fun!  I plan to keep using the different colored pens but ditch the washi tape and use that for decoration and reinforcing pages.

I also started putting my daily to-do list within my week and folding the piece of paper in half. 


I need to see my week and my day all together.


So, in 2015, I’ll get rid of the “Daily” tab and just put blank daily pages in the back of the planner.  That’s why I LOVE the ARC system so much.  I can easily move pages around.

The Weekly pages for 2015 will have the dates and schedule space toward the outside margin.  That way the space that will be covered by the Daily to-do list will be my health tracker information (weight, meals, workout, menstrual cycle)

I’ll also be changing up the daily page to not include any health information so there will be more room for activities!

I’ll be sure to share everything once it’s all complete.

Since I get up at the CRACK OF DAWN, I got a lot done before we got our client’s up and on their way for the day.



It was another great workout. I did double-unders for the first time and we actually joined in with the rest of the class when it was time for the WOD.



Meal #1 – Quest Bar

Meal #2 – Oats with Eggs


Meal #3 – Half a panini sandwich from Hy-Vee

Meal #4 – Half of a Rotisserie chicken

Hmmmmm I guess I spent a little too much time on my computer and not enough time thinking about meals.  Where’s the Vegetables?

Thanksgiving #1

Sunday was our first Thanksgiving and it was with my Mom and Stepdad’s side.  I wore the necklace shown below (made by my sister Vann)


And our 2 year old second cousin gave me the nickname “balls”.  Every time she saw me, she pointed and said “balls?”.  My sister-in-law was wearing a shirt with a heart on it and she got the nickname “heart”.

Sooooo, Rachel was “Heart” and I was “Balls”.


Since I crochet so much, I always end up with a giant box of hats and scarves. Around the holidays, I take them to our family functions and everyone takes what they want.  Our nephew thought it would be funny if we all wore a hat, so he went around and put a hat on everyone.


And somehow it was decided that our family picture would be taken with everyone wearing their hats!


It was pretty funny.

And I can’t publish this post without mentioning Young Living Essential Oils!  I am in deep, Folks.


This is what came yesterday.  The Stress Away bottles are for gifts and the Purification and Peace and Calming are for us.

If you want to know more go HERE.

If you want to order some go HERE. (this page already has my member number filled in!)


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