Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Out of my Comfort Zone

Yesterday I woke up with more energy than normal so I took advantage of it and dug right in to my to do list.

This time of year is always busy.  The to do list for work is getting long and then add in all the holiday cheer and things can spiral out of control quickly leaving forgotten tasks in his path.

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We learned LOTS of fun stuff yesterday. It was just me and Justin in the class so we really soaked up the extra attention from our coach.

We started work on the pistol squat.  I am super excited about that because I have always wanted to be able to do them but have never spent the time to build up the strength.


Then we moved to handstand pushups with kipping.  Being inverted is super uncomfortable to me then add in lowering my head to the ground, lowering my knees to my chest and exploding out of it and I’m waaaaay out of my comfort zone!


We also worked on toes to bar.  I LOVE this exercise.  I have never done it the cross fit way, but I love hanging knees and hanging leg raises so I am excited to get this exercise down and do it OFTEN!  Of course, I am no where near doing a proper toes to bar.  We started with getting our knees up and working on the kipping/swing thingy.

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And finally, the Split Press.  Another one that takes me kicking and screaming out of my comfort zone.


But I love it!

It’s fun to learn something new.  Justin and I have both lifted weights for years so it’s fun to have some new goals and get out of the comfort zone I have stayed nestled in for way too long.  That was one of the things I loved about karate, I was always learning until, after 11 years, I was sick of learning new stuff!


On our way home….


we picked up our girls from the groomer.


And then it was back to work for a couple hours for me.


Meal #1: Oats with Eggs


Meal #2: Quest bar


Meal #3: I met our dear friend Mary for lunch at Classic Cup where I ate Salmon with veggies and butternut squash mash.

Oh my Yum!


Mary and I both ordered the same dish because it sounded so good and it did not disappoint.  It was so good, I got an order to-go for Justin!

Meal #4: Chicken and a Salad

Meal #5: Turkey meatballs with pizza sauce

Christmas Gift Idea!

Here is a fun Christmas present idea for the ladies in your life!


My Mother-in-Law, Jane, uses this detergent on her bedding and towels.  She bought some for us several Christmases ago and I have never looked back.  And then she gifted me with the dryer sachets and now I’m hooked on those too.  I tell you, it makes the whole room smell good!  I am trying a new fragrance this time “Tyler”.  I usually buy “High Maintenance” ,which is my favorite, but I have used “Diva” and it smells nice as well.


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