Thursday, October 16, 2014

Whoa. Can you feel it?

Yesterday started with our internet being out.

So basically Justin and I were shut down.

Luckily coffee can be made and breakfast cooked WITHOUT the internet. Who knew?


The cable guy arrived right on time and we were soon back online.

Whew.  That was scary.

I quickly published my blog post and we were off

to the gym.


Step ups are such a great exercise but I often forget about them on leg day.  So I decided to dedicate my workout to them yesterday.


They zap my breath so fast!

After the gym

we hustled home so I could shower, grab a Quest bar and head to my massage.


It was so good!

Back at home

I devoured a bowl of soup with a baked potato added.


There was a 3 o’clock Royals game yesterday so we made a mad dash to the store before it started.

Polish Sausage Herrrre!

What’s a baseball game without a polish with ‘kraut?


We forgot buns but they were still tasty and made us feel like we were part of the fun!

In case you haven’t heard….



I cried a few tears.


Our baseball team has had a tough time and lots of years with empty seats.  I was 9 when we WON the World Series in 1985.  Back then, baseball was a huge part of Kansas City and my life as a kid.

Ten (10) years later, the strike happened.  Remember that?

The strike that ended post season and canceled the World Series for that year.  I haven’t felt the same about baseball since.  I remember feeling so disappointed and disgusted about the whole thing.

2011July 009

Since Justin and I have been together, we go to a couple games a year to support our hometown team but that has been our extent of baseball.


Things got exciting real quick this year!  As the season progressed, I didn’t want to get my hopes up.  I kept watching my friends Facebook feeds and finally, we were in post-season and it was REAL!

The feeling is back in Kansas City and in me!

And we are headed to the WORLD SERIES!!

Not only did we win but we swept the series!

The feeling of pride and exhilaration is palpable!

My newsfeed was lit up with cheers and excitement all night! It is so great to see how alive baseball is in Kansas City hearts once again.

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