Friday, October 24, 2014

Tunics to Cover my Biscuits


It’s been almost a week since my last post.


We have had a fun and busy week and I took very few pictures of said fun and busy, but let’s catch up!

Last Saturday

I started the day with oats and eggs.


And then made buttermilk biscuits.


From scratch.


That evening, we went to my In-Laws house to have one final family get together before they move to their new house.  We brought rotel cheese dip and 7-layer mexican dip.

No pictures.

Last Sunday

We had family dinner at our house.  Where we had soups and chili.  My sister Vann made butternut squash soup, my Step-Mom brought chili and I made Chicken Vegetable Soup.

Not one picture of one family member.



We were both feeling tired and lazy so we ate buttermilk biscuits with eggs and sausage.


I went shopping at J.Jill for some new tunics (to cover my biscuits). Then headed out to my friend’s house to meet with her about decorations as I am helping with her wedding reception.


We helped my aforementioned In-Laws move.  It was also Game 1 of the World Series so we met up with them along with my Mom and Step-Dad at a bar to watch the game that evening.



I crawled in the cramp cave for the day and made this ear warmer along with another hat and ate suckers, ice cream and chips with french onion dip.


Thursday (yesterday)

I started the day with oats and eggs and a new leash on life.


We finally got to the gym!


I ate some soup.


Worked. Made some crafts for my friend’s reception. And ate chicken apple sausage with sauerkraut and roasted broccoli for dinner.

Now we are all caught up!

Oh wait!

I finally ordered a “Blardigan”.  If you haven’t checked out Pinterest Told Me To yet, GO DO IT!  She talks about this blanket/cardigan about 3,142 times. I finally cracked and it is worth every penny.  I have worn it everyday since.  Inside the house. Outside the house.


The long t-shirt underneath is from J.Jill. (for size reference I am wearing an x-small)  The perfect tshirt for leggings!

For some reason, “this time of the month” makes me go shopping.  Luckily, I have Sheaffer to tell me what to buy and when it’s on sale!


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