Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Urge

Yesterday was a such a productive day!


I fully intended to go to yoga but then I got the urge to do some deep cleaning.  And when that urge hits, I gotta take advantage of it!  Because that URGE may not hit again for……awhile.

As soon as we got our work done for the morning, I sat down with a bowl of oats and eggs to read some blogs about cleaning your house from top to bottomIMG_4188

I am not a good house keeper so I needed a plan.  I needed to read some blogs that would keep me pumped to clean my house from top to bottom.  If I didn’t, there was a good chance by the time I got through breakfast, the URGE would be over or my “ADD” would kick in and I would start painting a wall or something.

I’ve said this before, our house gets the best cleaning in the 30 minutes before guests arrive.

I made a game plan, cleaned up breakfast and got busy!

To start with, I made an all purpose bathroom cleaner to go along with the wood cleaner I made up awhile ago.


The wood cleaner isn’t just for wood, but I labeled it as such so I knew it was the one I COULD use on all our wood furniture and cabinets.

The all purpose bathroom cleaner I made is 2 cups distilled water, 3 tablespoons castile soap, 30 drops essential oil and 1 tablespoon baking soda.  I use microfiber rags.  I bought a big package from Amazon for cheap.  Amazon is also where I purchased the castile soap and essential oil. (I didn’t use my Young Living oils as I had purchased the pictured oil long before I started using Young Living so I want to use it up, plus it’s cheaper!)

My Plan


And that’s exactly what I did!  I started downstairs where there are three bedrooms, a full bathroom and living room.  Man, it was a lot of work, but I cleaned every nook and cranny of those rooms and all the furniture in them!

After completing the bedrooms and bathroom, I took a break and we went to lunch.


We revisited Couscous, Gyro and Kebab.  When we left there last time, I felt like I would have been good with a salad, the warm pita and hummus and some falafel.  They give you  A LOT of food! That’s exactly what I ordered this time and it was so good!

After lunch,

we went to Lowes to check out some shelving options for our downstairs and then made a stop at Barnes & Noble to treat ourselves to a coffee and browse around.  The down side to using a Nook is that I never browse book stores anymore.


and so I could get a new Word Search.  I love those silly things!  I picked up some new coffee cups for us too.  Justin’s is the You Rock and mine is the other one. They were too cute to pass up!


Back at home

it was back to cleaning!  We put up some shelves, hung some pictures and moved furniture.

It felt so good to get the downstairs done.


was some warm chicken and vegetable soup.


And a piece of ice cream cake!

We wrapped up the day watching the Royals WIN ANOTHER GAME!! 


One more and we are in the World Series!  It’s an exciting time for Kansas City!

For part of the game,

I was in the bathtub.


I was so sore after all that work today.

I crawled in to my warm bed after that bath, watched the Royals WIN and drifted off to sleepy town!



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