Friday, October 31, 2014

Punkin Hat


Hi Friends!  It’s another beautiful Autumn day in Kansas City!  Are you here yet? 

I made that cute little punkin hat last night!  I am loving the multi-needle knitting in the round way of making hats!


I also finished up my cowl neck-scarf thingy.  This one was knitted in-the-round using a continuous circular needle.  (I doubt that’s the official name but if you knit, you know what I mean)


We got ourselves together yesterday morning, ate some breakfast….


….and got to the gym.


I really love the stair mill but, as the saying goes, if you don’t use it – you lose it!

I don’t do a lot of cardio except for my spin class because I LOVE cardio and I will very quickly abandon the weights and obsess over cardio if I allow it.  So, I warm up and cool down on cardio machines, but when I go to the gym I stick to the weights.   I hopped on the stair mill the other day and only lasted 5 minutes.

I mean, sucking wind after 5 minutes!

I was shocked and appalled. That’s not going to work.


Yesterday I made myself stay on it for 15 minutes no matter how much my lungs cried out for help.  I had to take breaks.  And I don’t mean slow down. I mean, press stop and pray to the universe that I don’t fall off and break my nose. 

That is my fear for everything now….that I will pass out, fall and break my nose.  I blame Body Pump.


Ha! Had to bring Brutus back.  He’s always looking at me like I am annoying him.

But back to our day.

It felt really good to get 15 minutes on the stair-mill and I was nice and sweaty for our car ride home.

When the question has to be asked, in the car on the way home, “Is that smell me or you?”, we both know we did good in the gym.

Back at home, I powered down some soup.


My intention was to run some errands before our clients got home,  but I got side tracked.


And cleaned out my purse!  My strap broke from the weight of it all.

One more thing!

I already showed off the hat I made for my newest nephew, Maddox, but here it is on top of the blanket I also made!


I absolutely LOVE the checkerboard pattern I started doing. It’s more work, but makes such a pretty blanket.

Time to get moving.

I have a fun and busy day ahead of me!