Sunday, October 5, 2014

Perfect Fall Weather

When you think of perfect Fall weather, is it cool temps with sunshine and crisp breezes?  Well, that is exactly what we are experiencing in Kansas City this weekend!


It is so beautiful!  I LOVE this city!

After breakfast

we got ourselves together and ventured out in to the world. 


And right to the American Royal!


This is not very Kansas-Citian of me to admit, but I have NEVER been to the World Series of Barbeque part of the American Royal.  It was neat to walk around and see all the work people put in to smoking meats.


The World Series of Barbeque is the largest competition in the nation.  There were over 500 competitors!

Justin has been several times so he was kind of bored.   I enjoyed walking around and seeing people hard at work getting their food ready for the judges.

Believe it or not, when we were ready to eat, it was hard to find food!  Due to regulations, ALL those people out there are not allowed to give out or sell food to the public.  There are specific vendors who sell food.


We could only find this food truck and both enjoyed a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw.  Justin was really hoping for ribs but they ran out.  After I had my fill of walking around the grounds, we hopped in the car and decided on a place we had seen on Food Network but never tried.


Woodyard BBQ


It is such a cute little place with rustic charm. (I’m sure that is the exact description the owner is hoping for!)


We ordered a slab of baby back ribs, potato salad and onion rings.


They have lots of outdoor seating.  We picked a picnic table in the sun and got busy eating!


The ribs were SO GOOD and the obvious highlight of the meal.  We could have done without the onion rings and potato salad but they weren’t bad.

My Outfit


We hadn’t planned on the American Royal or the cool temps, so I was not prepared with the appropriate outfit.  I pretty much put on a bunch of layers that would be comfortable for walking and keep me warm. I settled on this:

Oh, I have to tell you about this blog! I am obsessed!  I blame Sheaffer for the Old Navy jacket purchase!


Beware!  This is your official warning! 

You will want to buy everything she blogs about!  I have to admit though, I am in deep, and she’s not wrong.  I have loved everything she has made me buy.


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