Monday, October 6, 2014

New Blog Look!

I have been sitting here staring at a blank screen for who knows how long, fried out after my 5:30am spin class.


I can tell it’s been a week.

Goodness Gracious.

Justin and I purposely took last week off from exercise.  We ate whatever we wanted and laid around.  We both were feeling like we needed a break. So we took one.


We took our time getting around in the morning, ate breakfast and checked out of our hotel at the standard time.


After a quick stop at the grocery store for some soup and sandwiches, we arrived home and jumped right in to lunch with our clients.  Back to work.

It always feels good to come home.  I love my life and my job!

The rest of the day was spent getting organized for the week and working on my blog.

How do you like the new look?

I have been doing a lot of reading about HTML and CSS and teaching myself how to add more personalized design features to my blog.

Hopefully there is more to come.  I’m slow and a trial-and-error kind of learner. So it could be this week or it could be next year.

It’s fun!

By the way, the ROYALS WON AGAIN!!


  1. Love the new look, and the catchphrase/description is awesome! I love your blog no matter what & you know I'll be reading regardless of what it looks like! ~ Kristian

    1. Thank you Kristian! Hope you are having a great start to Fall!