Saturday, October 11, 2014

Jalapeños Gonna Get Ya!

Look at this fat little guy.


He’s a woodchuck that hangs out at one of the entrances into our neighborhood.


Just chowing down on some food.  All out in the open like a boss.


I started the day

with the usual breakfast, oats and eggs.


After getting everyone up and out of the house for the day, we hustled to the gym.


Where I did a sweaty shoulder workout with a superset of triceps.


We were in and out of there in an hour as we had a movie to catch!


Dracula was great! I really liked it.

Back at home, I got some work done and then it was time for dinner. 


We had a sitter so we headed to Hereford House.


Steak, green beans, asparagus…delicious!


We discussed our likes and dislikes about the movie we saw earlier. Then the topic switched to Justin’s nachos at the movie.  At which time, he proudly declared that he had almost mastered the amount of jalapeño peppers he needs to get to have one per chip. He was just a little shy this time, but next time 2 more scoops would probably do it. (It’s self serve with the jalapeño's at our theater)

By the end of our dinner, Justin had to go home….for the night….and be with his digestive system….oooh those jalapeños will getcha!

I, on the other hand,

headed over to my sister’s (after getting him settled at home – I didn’t just drop him at the curb and high-tail it to my sister’s) for a Royals party!


It was fun family time.  Aren’t those cookies cute?  They tasted just as good as they look and were made by Aunt Mary’s Cookies.

By 9:30pm I was on my home and ready for bed!

I tried my hardest to stay awake until the end of the game but kept drifting off.  When I heard Justin belt out THEY WON!, I was so relieved and crashed so hard!



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