Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I have so many fun hobbies that there is just not enough time in one day! 


I made some stuff for my friend’s wedding reception over the weekend.


The wall of fabric strips isn’t finished in this picture and then I didn’t take a picture once I finished it.  I’ll take one at the reception so you can see the final product.  It ended up looking like Fall not the 4th of July.


I also knitted and crocheted and dreamed about sewing.  Apparently, Justin thinks I make messes when I get crafty so I can only have so many things going on at once and sewing was going to put me over the limit.


In my on-going quest to get organized, I purchased a garment rack from Target for $30. (the link is for the single tier as the two-tier isn’t online for some reason…..or maybe there is a reason – keep reading)


I was pumped!  I mean $30?!!  That’s all it is going to take to get my closet organized?

I rolled that baby right into the spare bedroom, tucked it neatly against the wall and stood back to admire my amazing organizational skills.


And about 5 hours later it looked like this.


Sooooo……apparently you get what you pay for.  I feel hurt and betrayed by Target.

With my $30 nightmare behind me,

I started this week at a 9:15am spin class (because I snoozed right through the 5:30am class).  I LOVED the teacher, Lana.  It was so hard.  There wasn’t a dry spot on my clothes after her class.


Back at home, after breakfast and after doing some work, we headed to the gym.


In the past several months, the right side of my body has felt “off”, even down to my ankle.  Pretty much, everything on the right side hasn’t been RIGHT since….

The Great Nose Dive of 2013.

Justin kept telling me to get to the chiropractor but I kept thinking yoga and time would heal the issue. 


My body was feeling pretty good after the spin class, but as I got into my workout, my neck and upper back was hurting so bad that I did a short shoulder/triceps workout, hopped on the stair-mill for 5 minutes and than sat on a bike and felt sorry for myself until Justin was done with his leg workout.


During that time, I made an appointment with our chiropractor and we headed straight there from the gym.  We both got adjusted and, man, do I feel better today!


I’m ready to cheer on our Royals in Game 6 of the World Series in my new Freelance Clothing shirt!  Click here for the list I posted of local retailers selling Royals shirts.

Before I go,

Check out this necklace I ordered from my sister, Vann!  And the email I received when she shipped it!  haha!  I had forgotten my name from my old Etsy store so I was like, why is Vann calling me “strawberrysquirl”!


Anyway, she hand paints these necklaces for adults and kids. 


She takes special requests, as well, like this super cute A’s baseball necklace!


I definitely want one of those for the Royals!

Enough about Vann,

I ate my last bowl of soup and am now in grieving.


And if you haven’t decorated for Fall, you have three days to do it before the Christmas tree goes up!


P.S. In case you are wondering, the garment rack is still sideways on the floor. Between feeling betrayed by Target and grieving over my homemade soup being gone, I just don’t have the energy to pick that mess up right now.


  1. Oh my gah, sometimes I think we are the same person! I would totally feel betrayed too. $30 is still $30, and I would be so upset. Hubby and Miss S joke with me that my nickname should be "#struggle." lol, funny but kinda true! I laughed out loud and way too long over picture of your cat (Brutus?) Looking forward to seeing what your next creative projects will be!