Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Go Eat a Grapefruit

I LOVE grapefruit!

As I was eating one with my eggs for breakfast, I decided to do some reading on this super juicy, tart and tangy fruit.

Here’s a fun fact: Grapefruit got it’s name in Jamaica in 1814 because it grows in clusters like grapes!


Let me say this before we get into it, I read a lot of stuff regarding this fruit I love so much and one thing that stuck out was that grapefruit interacts with A LOT of medications. So, if that applies to you, check with your doctor before digging in to a big fat grapefruit!

Here are some sites I checked out because I was interested in learning more about the awesomeness of grapefruit.  I listed the stuff I thought was pretty cool, and linked back to each site so you can check out more detailed information.


So there you have it!

Every reason you need to grab a grapefruit, peel it like an orange and eat it!  Pulp and all!  That white covering over the grapefruit, that’s the good stuff! Eat it!

Got another minute?

I want to tell you about my yesterday.  I ran up to my brother’s to help with the baby and ended up just sitting there holding him!


I fully expected two sleep-deprived, exhausted parents and was prepared to roll up my sleeves and get to work doing dishes or laundry or cooking or SOMETHING!  They had everything under control.  Chaz was putting away dishes and Becky was putting on makeup and Sawyer Remington was swinging in his swing from the Jetsons! (it’s called a MamaRoo)



What’s going on here?  Why aren’t you two a mess?!

My Step-Mom came by as well.


She brought brownies, which they selfishly put in the kitchen and I didn’t get to eat one!


So I left.

Back at home

I had some meals to cook as we are going to be gone for several days.  I wanted our sitter to have food for lunches and a couple easy dinners.

I started with baking potatoes and making a broccoli cheese sauce (cheese sauce - butter, flour, milk, cheese; broccoli – roasted then run through the food processor and added to cheese sauce).

I topped the baked potatoes with the cheese/broccoli mixture some diced ham.


I also made some biscuit dough and put the cheese mixture and ham inside for some biscuit popovers.


Last, I made Stuffed Cabbage Casserole (it’s not a very pretty picture but everyone had it for dinner!)


And then we stayed up until Midnight watching the


Oh my goodness, THEY WON!  We haven’t been in the playoffs since 1985 and to say this is an exciting time for our city is an understatement!

And with the Chiefs winning over the Patriots Monday night…..there are some tired people going to work today! 


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