Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Exciting Day Ahead!

Yesterday was AHHHMAZING!!


If you live in a climate with no seasons, you need to get in your car and drive to Kansas City and experience Fall!


We are having the most beautiful Autumn.

Are you here yet?


started with a hot bowl of oats and eggs.


Then I headed to a Body Pump class.

I have a confession, I take a Body Pump class about every 3 to 5 years and I always walk in cocky.  Like, I lift weights…this is going to be totally easy.  I’m gonna go ahead and load this bar up….you guys can have the 2.5’s and 5’s…I won’t be needing those….I like to lift heavy.  I can do anything the instructor can do.

I can barely move today.

The pain is so deep.

I don’t know why I didn’t learn after the first time I did that.  I was seriously shaking head to toe when I left the class.

Body Pump is no joke.  If you think you are in good shape (which I am not and that was proven yesterday), go take a Body Pump class. I will be going back.  Now I have something to prove to myself.

Back at home, I leashed up the girls and took them for a nice long walk.


Besides a meeting yesterday, I spent most of my time outside.


It was the perfect day.


Justin taught the cat to use the iPad.


I ate an apple with peanut butter.


And then we all headed indoors to cheer on the Royals and I knitted a hat.


It’s not perfect as it was the first time I used the multiple needle method.  I usually knit in-the-round if I am making a circle but it’s hard to finish off hats in-the-round, so I used this video and made that hat.  It was super easy.  I am looking forward to making another one so I can get those stitches tighter.

By the way, that’s a newborn hat because my brother, Colt, is at the hospital with his girlfriend RIGHT MEOW awaiting the arrival of their baby boy!!


So, if you are keeping up…

Sawyer was born last month.


Gabe was born a year an half ago….


And these two stinkers, Brad and Evan, have Facebook Pages!  Just kidding, they are 9 but growing up so fast!


Boys! Boys! Boys!!  Everywhere BOYS!

It’s an exciting day! 

The baby.

The Royals.

Time to get moving, I don’t want to miss a second!


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