Thursday, October 30, 2014

Another Nephew!

Yesterday started with the usual breakfast.


I put on my workout clothes, opened the garage door and then decided not to go to Spin Class.  My buns are so sore from that dang Body Pump class, I couldn’t imagine sitting on a bike.

Then I decided NOT to go to the gym….again blaming Body Pump.

All life’s problems are now blamed on Body Pump.

Instead, I aggressively knit a hat and started another one, all while wearing my workout clothes.


I feel like that counts.


I also cooked a pot of soup!


And then the time came to meet our newest nephew!


Maddox Palmer!  He is perfect.


I loved watching the interaction between this new little family.  The happiness that Katie and Colt share and the joy and love they feel for their baby boy was palpable.

The Grandparents were pretty excited too.


We watched some of the  World Series from the waiting room and then I caught the end when I got home.  Not the result that Kansas City was hoping for but what an amazing month this has been for our City.  I am so proud of our baseball team and can’t wait for next year!


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