Friday, October 17, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things

I am jumping on the blog bandwagon for

Favorite things Friday!

Holiday shopping is starting to creep in to my thoughts.  The Holiday Mart is this weekend in Kansas City and a friend invited me to her Holiday Shopping Party.

My Fav kind of party!  You know the ones.  Your friend throws a party and invites a variety of home-based businesses, you drink wine, eat food and a selling frenzy ensues!  I love it!  I get the frenzy, and the wine and the food.  Here is the line up my friend has so far!


NuanceStyleHouse / ThirtyOne / Stella and Dot / Jamberry Nails / Scentsy / BloomLily Soap Co / G’s Crafty / Uncommonly Personal / TayCreativeWays / Sanctuary Aesthetics / 360o Chocolates

Speaking of frenzy, I stepped away from work long enough yesterday to grab a couple Royals tshirts for the World Series.  Just a quick trip…right down the grab a few tshirts.  I just needed five (5), one for each of our clients and then Justin and I.

I only had a couple of hours before a meeting.


It was like Black Friday out there!  I went to Rally House and Dick’s Sporting Goods and the stores were packed and there was crazy, excited energy in the air.  I got caught up in it!


I got so excited at Dick’s, that even when they didn’t have any shirts left in the sizes I needed, I just starting buying blue stuff!


And then when I was in the dressing room trying on my blue stuff, there was a t-shirt in the size I needed laying in the dressing room, so I bought that and then when I was at the register, I spotted a pile of sweatshirts so I asked the lady to check the sizes and there was a sweatshirt in my size SO I BOUGHT THAT too!!  It was hysteria I tell ya!

For my Facebook friends, I got a lot of great recommendations for local printers selling Royal’s shirts.  I plan to purchase from these retailers in the future.  I wanted one specific Royals shirt though, “We Own the Pennant” and that’s why I ended up at the big name stores.


KC retailers my friends recommend:

These are my favorites out of the above list and t-shirts I am hoping to purchase:


Other favorites.

My favorite “everyday” necklaces and pair of earrings are my purchases from Stella & Dot.  The two larger pieces in the middle are a little pricey, but I have gotten so much wear out of them.  They go with everything.


Demi earrings / Piper necklace / Kimberly necklace / Elodie necklace / Interlock heart necklace similar

(Looks like the Interlock Heart necklace is no longer available so I linked to the cross.)

Favorite purse: Miche.  These are so great and, after buying the base, an economical way to have multiple purses.  I am not a big spender when it comes to bags, but I am willing to pay $50-60 once or twice a year on a new shell.


Prima base bag / Eloise / Blanche

My Favorite everyday shoes. Nurture and Sperry.  When I am not in gym shoes, I am in one of these two pairs of shoes.


Sperry Topsiders / Nurture

Both of these are so old, I couldn’t find a link to either of them!  In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with any style in these two brands!

Favorite Pouch.  I usually carry my Miche Prima bag, which is large.  But INSIDE that bag I carry pouches.  So when I hop out of my car, often times I just grab a pouch to carry around instead of a great big bag.


The Sak Wristlet / Coach Wristlet (gift from sister)

Gotta Wrap this up!

Justin is giving me the stink eye to get to the gym. 

Happy Friday!  Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite things!


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